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Letting loose for once.


Like Lightning
"What were you thinking X?" K was mad at me for taking us to Tatooine. SHe made it very apparent. Even though she did not have emotions, and really this was my ship, not hers, I wanted to come and get some time away from the Jedi, the Sith, the Imperials, and everyone. Within the span of a month, I had surpassed K in battle, fought a Knight, and then helped a Sith imperial escape from the Jedi. As much as I claimed myself a Jedi, I knew that I was not really one.

I was going to go on the guise as a Jedi, so I could get the use of the other Jedi, yet help everyone and to gain contacts. But today I was strictly here for fun. "I wanted some time off K. I'm only 16 yet I act like a 30 year old. Give me some leeway on this." K shook her head and jsut walked away to "rest." Gathering my clothes, that consisted of a simple shirt and pants, with a zip up trench coat with hood, and black combat boots.

Even as it may have been hot outside, I could deal with it. I walked down the ramp as my hood was put up. Hiding my entire face. I walked past the other people. as though I didn't have a care in the world. The sand at my feet crunched as the black boots touched the surface. I looked around to see people walking all around. This city, Mos Eisley, was rather packed. With many kinds of animals as mules to pull carts or broken ships, there were speeders that zoomed around everyone. Jawas that did their little squeak sounds.

Walking forwards I could feel the heat press down on me. I needed to get into the shade. As I looked around once more, I saw a group of men leaving a building as they fell over one another laughing. I smiled and walked over to the building made of adobe bricks and stone, Entering the door, I could smell smoke, alcohol, and raunchy stench of sweat. The Cantina music was very nice, however it was not my style.

Walking to a booth I sat down and looked around from my hidden eyes. Maybe here I could get something.
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