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Let Slip the banthas of war! [assisting the Republic]

The Black Flame
The time has come! As per our IC alliance with the Republic, we will be traveling to Manaan to assist as allies. We will be arriving via Imperial-Class Star Destroyers (only one ship per member since we are minor). I will make the first post as Fel in the thread. Since off-planet communications have been blocked, we will be arriving as a planned get together for a second wave attack on Ossus. When we arrive at Manaan we find it under attack and then we start kicking Sith butt! If you are interested in joining please post here.


Just another face.
@[member="Jared Starchaser"]
No real time needed, and you can fly that pretty ship o'yours too. Just be sure to keep in mind that there's massive amounts of AA in the ground combat arena and fleeting will be limited.