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Legionnaire Cam Fyrdan

Vyk Girani

Well-Known Member
NAME: Cam Fyrden (SL4735)

FACTION: The Sith Empire

RANK: E-1 Private

SPECIES: Near Human (Corellian Stock)

AGE: Young Adult

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: Average Height

BUILD: Average

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Light Brown

SKIN: Fair



Youth: Has an abundance of energy, opinions, and hormones, and little understanding of where the use of each is appropriate. Also has little in the way of valuable experience.

Upbringing: Through his upbringing, Cam knows how to lean into a problem to overcome it, and he is very reticent to leave a job undone. His upbringing was also a bit lacking on the schooling side of things, meaning that he does not have a very broad view of life at the moment.

Cam Fyrden was born to a little interest generating family of asteroid miners. Rather than be forced to toil in the same mines his family toils in, he chose to enlist in the local governments military, landing him in the Sith Imperial Legion, to toil there.