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Model: LE-BO2D9
Nickname: Leebo
Manufacturer: Cybot Glalactia
Model: LE Series Repair Droid
Class: Repair Droid
Height: 1.7 meters
Gender: Masculine Programming
Sensor Color: Red
quipment: Holoprojector, Scomp Link, built in long range Comlink
Faction: Mnenchei Dominion
Rank: Civilian
Strengths and Weaknesses:
All the standard strengths and weaknesses for droids apply here
Being a basic issue of LE repair droid, Leebo worked in Esseles spaceport as a safety standards inspector. At one time, an unknown transport vessel took off while being checked by the droid, making Leebo an unwilling stowaway. From that moment forward, LE-BO2D9 began to work as a ship mechanic, going from one owner to another throughout the coming years. He served multiple masters and each of them updated his abilities and skills, allowing Leebo to do more and more. Finally, he came to the hands of Corellian pilot and mercenary, Dando Forellia. Dando acquired the droid as payment from the Rodian comedian Kood Gareeda, and Dando seemed to believe his new possession acquired his former master's dry sense of humor.

Leebo accompanied Dando on many missions, but Dando soon died leaving Leebo to live on his own.

Skills and Abilities:
Leebo often carries a bag with necessary tools with him. Equipped with specialized sensors, holoprojector, single channel long range comlink and computer interface, he is a skilled mechanic and pilot. His programming, being updated by each and every owner, was far more sophisticated than the one installed on stock LE repair droid.

Unique Personality:
He also (given to the fact he had only few - if any - memory wipes throughout his life) developed personality, along with specific sense of humor.
Kills: None

Bounties Collected: None

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