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Learning of a strange feature...(self-train)


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Zaiden sighed, leaning back in his seat with his feet propped on his desk. His eyes traveled slowly over the instructions that was the scroll containing an ancient Sith spell. Though he was an obvious mark of the force being alive, Zaiden hadn't really believed in Sith Magic until he saw evidence of such. Since, he had been looking after the scrolls he obtained much more eagerly.

The spell, being simple, did not even require a true incantation or any of the like. It was simply a process of allowing ones own emotions to cloud their aura, causing severe uneasiness about them. Animals would avoid the effected area, sentient beings would feel discomfort that could lead to unease and eventual physical illness. For Zaiden - having known a rare ability that required certain knowledges unheard of commonly - believed that with how easy it sounded it couldn't be hard, but knew the magic abilities of the Ancient Sith would require the ancient bloodlines..

What could it hurt right? Don't answer that. Zaiden thought silently as he rose from his lounging, and after returning each scroll to their individual cases inside his super-safe. Then after donning a coat, Zaiden left his home in a sleak little hovercraft of some make and model that couldn't have mattered less. He could be walking and it wouldn't matter, he would find a dummy to...

What was he going to see? If he had been blessed with two of the rarest talents in the cosmos??...but could it really hurt? That was the point he kept returning to as he landed near a nice mall located near one of the Spaceports on Val'halla. Why not a place amongst many?

As he walked inside the sliding doors, Zaiden looked about for someone to prey on. Spotting a group of 4 young Human females all looking to drink,have fun, and probably plenty of coitus. As they passed, he stepped forward and using the force to imbue his voice with his will began, "Hello ladies, you all look so beautiful this evening. Are you going to a ball? I swear you could be princesses, and you know what? I'm a count." As Zaiden spoke, each woman slowly was losing themselves in his words, "You want to follow me, I'm going to a wonderful party."

Without even waiting to hear nor see any form of confirmation, Zaiden walked away.

Twenty minutes later.

Among the dark dank musk that dwells in all sun withdrawn places Zaiden stood, James Armor Co had many deep basements perfect for testing situations like the ones he was currently in. All of the woman sat in separate rooms, each successfully locked and held, but that was not necessary anyway as each was so heavily under Zaiden's control that they believed themselves to be awaiting the Supreme Lord of Valhalla for his favor.

Readying himself mentally in the same fashion he always had, Zaiden meditated deeply on his link to the living essence of the Force. He felt everything about himself down to the sounds of slumber on the floor above himself, in the on site bedrooms that housed James Armor Companies' many employees. Every sound, emotion, or little movements was known to the Legate. Slowly though, Zaiden drew back into himself, removing his consciousness from his surroundings as he took control over his form yet again.

Slowly rising from the cold floor, Zaiden dusted himself off and headed for the first room. Contained with was the petite blonde with a gymnasts form, clad in a purple dress with off colored heels. She currently sat on a chair, staring at the holonet, most likely on some friend site, maybe Walking slowly, he watched her as she suddenly noticed him and seem to have a brain meltdown. She was infatuated, intoxicated, and going a little insane with each second that passed. He had spent nearly an hour using Mind Control to make the desired effects. In the end, despite the numerous minutes spent attempting it, the controls had taken hold and she was his prey now.

"Hey, names Zaiden and I couldn't help but need to see you on the side. Maybe even get a personal interview, ya know, learn about you." He said, giving his absolute most dashing smile. It worked, she seemed to melt in place for a moment. Gooseflesh could be seen visibly spreading along her arms and legs.

"Oh really? Me? You want to know about me?" She said, stuttering slightly. It was at this moment that Zaiden first attempted to coat his aura in his own dark energies. Focusing on the sensations of rage, fury, depression and every emotion he was used to feeling. Soon enough they boiled to a head, and this was when he finally began the attempt.

At first no effect was seen, but then...

She visibly cringed, not a lot but ever so slightly her body tensed and seemed to recoil backwards. Otherwise her appearance didn't alter, but it was evidence. It was working...

With a small smile Zaiden spoke, "Being a Count, it has always made me wonder, do those of the lesser ilk share any of my same interests? What about my hobbies, do they share those? I have always felt that though they are in fact beneath me, there is no denying this, that they must still be people right?"

"Well of course! I'm no royalty, or anything really special for that matter, but I am a normal person. Normal people do normal things, and I imagine you and I must share some similarities!" She stammered, her excitement still evident despite the feelings coursing deep within the young woman.

"Well what do you like to do for fun? Personally, I always ask a woman to answer first as a sign of respect to the more effeminate." Zaiden said, feeling it best to explain his pointing out her position as a female, and his views on them being held in higher regards.

"I love to shop!" She said, then giggled and placed her hand over her mouth to hide her embarrassment, "Of course I didn't mean to sound so shrewd, of course I enjoy other things. My best friend Joshua - oh that reminds me, my name is Nadara. Anyway, my best friend Josh, he loves to play music on any kind of loud instruments, and so I've grown used to loving music, I even write a bit now a days. Speaking of writing, I also spend some time as a volunteer critic, I know that sounds..." She said and seemed to halt, mouth held open and twitching. The pause ended soon enough though, and she began again, "Sorry. I don't know what's going on, but my stomach has steadily been feeling worse for the past few minutes. Do you have anything I can get to help with an upset stomach?"

Zaiden smiled, the effect was truly getting worse. This was a good sign, it wasn't a simple fluke. He was truly learning to become a Sorceror. Zaiden silently chuckled, becoming a Sorceror? Jeez the pride he had obtained recently. He suddenly was becoming a Sorceror because he learned himself capable? At this point, Zaiden should barely consider himself a magician, using tricks barely more difficult then levitating a stool. To the everyday person, they seemed so amazing. But to one whom understood how the techniques of the force worked, they were beyond easy.

Ignoring the fact that she asked the Legate a question, Nadara continued, "Most people hear volunteer critic and think it is somewhat a lame occupation, but in reality I'm able to access the best holovids, novels and everything in between. I'm simply not payed for my opinion, despite getting much acclaim."