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Late, As Per Usual

Dosuun Grasslands
Some Kilometres Away From Avalonia

A'sharad's estate loomed in the afternoon light.

Primarily made out of duracrete, and surrounded by a wall of the aforementioned material, which was then encasing a perimeter of trees which held a path that led up to the front of the Sith Lord's domain.

The structure was new, there was no corruption of the Dark Side looming. There was no chill that was typical of he Dark Side of the Force, and more importantly, as was typical of A'sharad's establishments within the First Order, there were no Purebloods, or Pureblood offshoots present anywhere.

Solely his personal guard, or, auxiliary force present as security.

"Madlyn Sol," he had said over the commlink, some days ago after returning from the First Order's engagement at Barkhesh, Rutan, and Mustafar. "I want to see you." And that was that. For all his social graces, A'sharad liked to keep things short and to the point. In his mind, they were beyond the point of pleasantries and it was best to be straightforward. Naturally, with that 'request' there would've been coordinates to his home and a Holocomm frequency - one that would take her directly to his chauffeur.


Within his study, the amber orbs of the Sith Lord glowed behind the heavy lids of the seated man in the centre of the room. In the air before him were multiple pieces of metal and crystalline objects being fitted together. It had been a long time since he had used the Force to construct a lightsaber...

He took his time.

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


He had kept his word, late as it was, though the military man had a good excuse for war was upon them. Had she any doubt the tall, dark, and handsome would call for a second date? No - because that goodnight kiss in the foyer of the diplomat's apartment after their dinner together before his deployment had meaning behind it; subtle as the physical endearment was it seemed infused with something more when he looked into her eyes. Patience was a virtue and to be rewarded for those that waited as Mads had. Though to be honest, anxiety did tinge it a bit with each and every day that passed by without action. Men were fickle beings. It was just how they were.

After his return from the front in the Mustafar Sector, [member="Asharad Graush"] had indeed contacted Madlyn and wanted to see her. She had been 'invited' to the High Marshall's private estate, which was located outside of Avalonia on the grasslands of Dosuun. And of course, A'sharad had offered his chauffeur since he knew she didn't have a speeder. Had the diplomatic aide worried for the First Order Army Leader's well being? Yes - as evidenced by her checking the KIA/MIA/Wounded lists daily that came by her desk at the Capital Complex next to the Imperial Palace. It would be a natural thing to do if a friend, comrade, or loved one was in harm's way and one was privy to the information, right?

The Eriaduan was excited yet nervous by his call though wholeheartedly responded with an emphatic yes that she would like to see him as well; keeping her answer short and sweet as that is how A'sharad seemed to like things. Madlyn was catching on to his quirks, whether his direct speak was derived from the man's military training or not was still to be determined. There was much she didn't know of him, but hopefully the two would get to know one another on a deeper level during this next time spent together.

One thing Madlyn had already realized from their first date is that they were total opposites it seemed. Maybe that was why she was so attracted to him? Well there were definite other attributes yes, but this particular aspect intrigued Mads. She'd never met anyone quite like A'sharad before.

The drive out from the city to the country gave Madlyn time to decompress a bit from a hectic work week before seeing A'sharad. His chauffeur was much like him... pleasant company yet aloof. The man didn't say much so Madlyn just enjoyed the quite nature of the ride and took in the natural beauty of what the Dosuun countryside had to offer as crystal blue eyes peered out from the back seat of the High Marshall's luxury speeder sedan.

What she thought was beautiful before didn't quite match what was before her now. As the chauffeur turned onto a private road taking them towards the misty, jagged topped mountains, the Graush Estate began to slowly come into view. Sun rays suddenly broke out of the low cloud cover as if a switch was turned on when the speeder crossed over a small bridge to illuminate what looked like a castle elevated up upon the foothills of the small valley with lush greenery surrounding it secure behind a wall. What really caught her interest were the many wondrous waterfalls rushing down from the mountains that fed the small waterways around the grounds. It gave off a paradise feeling, well from Mads' point of view at least.

Stepping out from the backseat of the speeder, the long-legged redhead flashed a thankful nod to the chauffeur as he'd offered his hand, then smoothed over her chic yet casual black and white outfit before ascending up the steps to the entrance of the castle with much anticipation of seeing the man in her thoughts, prayers, and dare say dreams of late. Yeah, she was a closet romantic at heart.
The outer perimeter guard had alerted the inner sanctum that [member="Madlyn Sol"] was arriving. To which, A'sharad was soon informed as well, and by the time the redhead's ride would've stopped and she would've been helped out of the ride, the Sith Lord was making his way to the door that would've given hr entrance to his abode.

Newly constructed lightsabre on his belt, the High Marshal stalked the halls in little else but a black t-shirt and baggy pants - what he typically wore when he trained with his lightsabre. Of course, on this day, he hadn't gotten to the point of actually testing out the blade, but he figured after Lady Sol had left, he'd get the opportunity to use it.

"Vacate the premises," the Sith Lord spoke to the Head Servant, who was near the doorway. "Only the Kitchen Staff remain," he said before the slave bowed and headed off when A'sharad crossed the short courtyard that would've brought him to the door. Reaching out with his cybernetic hand, he would've opened it to admit his 'friend' to his establishment.

"Lady Sol," he would've said with a smile. "Welcome." Amber orbs glinting in the sunlight.


Madlyn flashed a smile back at [member="Asharad Graush"] as the High Marshall greeted her at the door.

"Thank you ever so kindly," Mads replied with a gracious cant of her red-gold head as she walked through the door way and further into the entry, bringing her light jacket down from off her shoulder to hang about her left arm in a more dignified manner.

"I am appreciative of your invitation to see you again, Marshall Graush... and in the sharing of your home with me. Just from what I have been able to see so far it is lovely," she nodded sincerely.

Okay, the Eriaduan was already talking in lengthy sentences, but it was in her nature to expand upon the facts being a diplomat, and a lawyer.

It was hard not to take in A'sharad's whole appearance as the high ranking soldier stood before her. Even dressed down in a simple t-shirt and baggy pants, the man was ever the charmer - well in his subtle way. A shiny cylinder attached to the waist of his pants drew a question mark in her mind. That cylinder was different from the one she'd seen that night in her apartment when he had removed his suit jacket.

"Is that new?" the redhead inquired genuinely interested, pointing with a modestly manicured finger to what Force users called a lightsaber. "The reason I ask is that you had another I believe the night of our dinner date," she smiled softly with fondness for that memory.

Madlyn knew A'sharad was Force-sensitive from his records as that status was something listed in all First Order citizens dossiers, but anymore than that was a mystery about him as was the Force itself other than what was out there in the public eye.
A'sharad watched as Madlyn came into his home. Within his mind he felt as if it should've been a more momentous occasion, a woman coming into your home for the first time, but nothing happened. There was no earth shattering celebrations, there were no butterflies in his stomach. There was nothing. Life went on.

As he had thought.

"Let me take that for you," he said, extending his hand to take her jacket from her arm with a small smile.

Despite his liberal use of 'servants,' the Sith Lord had been taught to do things for himself. It had been over a decade since he had begun his training at three years to construct his own lightsabre for himself. Even then, he still used the Force primarily and it had only been when the One Sith had begun collapsing did he use his lightsabre plenty.

"Oh, this?" He said, his hand waving to the cylinder on his belt. "Yes - I made it. Moments ago," he said as he looked up from it and looked back to her. Closing the door behind her, he glanced over his shoulder for a moment, as if he were staring off at some unseen hidden camera and said, "Would you like to hold it?" And with that inquiry came a smile as he focused on her.

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


"Thank you... It was threatening to rain when I left Avalonia, but seems the sun is shinning here, well at least for the moment," she smiled back as [member="Asharad Graush"] offered to take her jacket.

Crystal blues followed the High General's hand waving to the item on his belt that she had inquired about, then she nodded as he looked back at her before stepping over to the door to close it.

"I take it that is your lightsaber then?" Mads stated more than a question of A'sharad. "Yes, yes I would like to hold it, but only if you show me the proper way to do so," the redhead smiled softly with anticipation as he returned to her. "I don't want to hurt you or myself in the process."
He smiled, taking the jacket and hanging it up on a coat rack close to the door. "It'll rain up here," the Sith Lord said with a confirming nod of his head. "Though, not too heavy," he said, which was likely an understatement. Multiple waterfalls were nearby, and the amount of rain determined whether or not they would flood.

Yet, the High Marshal had yet to see the grasslands actually become flooded by rain.

"Oh," he says with a raised brow. In truth, he hadn't expected her to say yes, though that was a mistake. Chances were a diplomatic aide, the closest thing to a regular person that he had ever truly gotten to know - wouldn't know what using a lightsabre was like. "It's difficult to pick up to use," he explained, though he unhooked the weapon from its belt loop and took up her hand in a rough, calloused hand, yet his grasp was gentle with her.

"They're all different," he'd say, "With mine..." He took her offhand and placed it towards the bottom of the hilt. "... Mindful of the button," he'd say, a smirk cracking his features as he placed her main hand over the weapons middle... "The button turns it on."

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


Madlyn watched thoughtfully as [member="Asharad Graush"] removed the shiny cylinder from his belt that wrapped around a trim waist, then to his large, rough organic hand as the High Marshall took ahold of her soft, petite one. The rugged man's touch was gentle and his commanding voice surprisingly patient as he placed her hands in the correct positions upon the hilt of the lightsaber; like a ball bat grip to her

"I'm sure it is," the redhead answered, continuing to be attentive as she was being instructed, ever conscious of that button he spoke of. The cylinder was long and wide within her grasp. It was cool to the touch on one side yet warm on the other; the side that had been next to his body. The polished metal was free of any scratches or blemishes...

A virgin? she thought amusingly to herself as A'sharad had said he'd just made it moments before she'd arrived, and the man was allowing Mads to be part of the experience of breaking her in. It made the Eriaduan feel special in a small way. He didn't need to accommodate her curiosity.

By now there was some excitement building within the diplomat; a nervous anticipation of what might occur if she did indeed push the button? Would he even let her go that far?

Madlyn turned her red-gold head towards A'sharad where he stood near her and smiled brightly as Mads' crystal blue gaze met the High Marshall's golden. "May I... ?" she asked with her thumb ever so lightly caressing the area next to the button head on the cylinder. "I'm intrigued to see what would happen if I turned it on."
A'sharad blinked at the woman's request.

She wanted to... Activate his lightsabre?

There was a brief pause as he reached into the Force, as if to discern what sort of future was held for him if he allowed her to do so. He may have been cautious, but rational thought gave him cause to believe that the redhead meant no harm to the Sith Lord. He dropped his hands from the lightsabre and he tried to think back to his first time turning on a lightsabre.

What would she feel without the Force? Probably nothing. He assumed that to her, it would only be a flashlight. A lethal one.

And so, he saw no harm in it.

"I haven't added the locking mechanism yet..." He said. "As long as your finger remains on the activation button, it'll remain active. When you take it off, it'll deactivate." He pauses. "Understood?"

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


Had asking the High Marshall to allow her to turn on his Force weapon caught the man off guard? There seemed some hesitation in his mannerisms as [member="Asharad Graush"] thought on it for a moment. Was it wrong to do so or more so just a complete surprise?

Madlyn was just curious is all, and didn't have any ill will towards him in the least. In fact, the Eriaduan was only trying to understand A'sharad more so she could relate better to him since they were seemingly opposites. The army man's life and drive were so different from the diplomatic aide's, though perhaps in some small way they weren't.

Believable or not, Counsellor Sol could be cut throat when searching for the truth, defending a client and/or fighting for fairness on behalf of the First Order during negotiations. He had just never had the chance to experience her fierceness in that regard. A formidable foe Madlyn could be if pushed to that level, though usually that did not need to be the case.

Blue eyes met amber as her red-gold head turned to look at A'sharad. "Explicitly," Mads nodded affirmitively, then the woman's attention went to the lightsaber held within her hands with a focused concentration. Ever slowly yet with determination did the redhead's thumb depressed the elusive button and kept it there...


A blood red glowing rod slid out elongating to its full length, giving the area around them an eerie illumination. The look upon Madlyn's face would show how pleasantly surprised with shock and awe the act was she had just performed. She flashed him a pleased grin, then moved the tip of the humming crimson blade in the air ever so in a small circle keeping it forward and away from anything or anyone. A rush of adrenaline and power washed over her. It was a bit like one's first orgasm, but not quite. The naivety was apparent of what she had just experienced though.

It had seemed like minutes had passed by since Madlyn had ignited the weapon, but it had been less than one in real time. The redhead's thumb lifted and as soon as the glowing blade retracted fully into the hilt, she handed it back to the High Marshall.

"Thank you," is all Madlyn would say to A'sharad with a sweet smile.
The crimson blade that extended from the weapon was impressive. It was as if the blade itself were saturated with the blood of all the foes that A'sharad Graush had slain. And they were great. Whether they were killed by him personally, or if they were slain by his command, the number of lives that the High Marshal had taken was vast...

Yet, he craved more.

He watched as she maneuvered the blade like... Well, like a child.

And just as soon as the blade had come to life, she deactivated it and was handing it back to him. To which, he inclined his head in thanks, and hooked it to his belt, allowing the cylindrical weapon to hang from his belt and gently brush against his waist as it had just about a minute ago.

"You're welcome," he said with a smile of his own. "Did that... Make you happy?"

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


Madlyn liked the look of the lightsaber hanging from [member="Asharad Graush"]'s belt... It gave him a bit of a bad boy appeal especially with his quiet charm and roguish good looks.

Speaking of which those long bangs of his... They so called to the redhead to feather them back out of his mesmerizing golden eyes with her fingertips, but she resisted. Mads still wasn't quite sure where she stood with the High General. What was the real purpose of him wanting to see her again? Mere curiosity, a need for companionship, or something more complex for which she could not gage from his overall aloofness.

"Yes," the Eriaduan nodded simply. "I very much enjoyed learning about your lightsaber and more so giving it a try. Helped me to understand you a bit better. You must be a very capable man to be able to wield such a powerful weapon, and skilled as it is beautifully crafted, well in my opinion at least," she stated honestly,

"Did it make you happy I noticed you had a new one?"
A'sharad tilted his head ever so slightly as he listened to her speak. A faint smile spread across his lips as she made her assumption, and there was a thoughtful expression on his face before he finally gave response as a nod.

"Yes," he said, "It did." Reaching up to take hold of her hand and envelopping it within his own.

"I wouldn't say capable however," he said modestly, though the amused look in his eyes suggested he thought anything but modest of his skills. "Anyone can use a lightsabre," he said as he linked his arm within her own and he started upon his walk.

"You do have some combat training, yes? Blasters I would assume offered by the Government?"

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


[member="Asharad Graush"] seemed pleased so far with her being there, so in that regard it made Mads quite happy. Sometimes she didn't know exactly how to act around the High General, but being herself was probably best. The man would see through any airs put on. The Eriaduan was who she was, nothing more, northing less.

"Ah well I still would love to see you wield yours though sometime... I am sure it would be nothing but a spectacular performance."

Madlyn smiled as he took her petite hand into his larger one; the rough calluses of A'sharad's organic hand rubbing against the smooth and soft skin of her palm. It didn't bother the redhead one bit though as the two seemed to fit perfectly despite the size and texture differences.

When they began walking hand in hand, arm and arm onward through his well-appointed home, the diplomat's crystal blue gaze took in the surroundings, again hoping to pick up more on who the man might be, then flicked back to him as he asked about her combat training.

"Yes, I received basic small arms training and self defense. Since that incident outside the restaurant, I have begun carrying a holdout blaster on my person when out and about especially with the war ongoing... One never knows now when they may have to defend themselves or others against our enemies on the home front not just low-life muggers and the like," she nodded.

After what had happened during the Ssi-Ruuk attack, Mads never wanted to feel so helpless again.
The High Marshal nodded his head.

"Then I imagine I'll have to sneak Stormtrooper Helmet footage for you to see," he said teasingly. The Sith Lord himself had forgone the typical Stormtrooper technology in his Darth Vader esque armour. Trackers, helmet recorder, audio recorder, and other things that made it possible for High Command to monitor the actions of Stormtroopers.

Early on in the Sith Lords career, he had executed insurgents without hesitation. Of course... The at the time Supreme Commander Ludolf Vaas had likely suspected it, but the Sith Officer's results were too successful to actually deny him. Naturally, placing him at the head of the best Regiment, then turned into a Legion was the best 'punishment' he had been given. Perhaps they had thought the unit's record would hold him to some degree of honour.

In a way, it had, but he had also inspired a streak of loyalty in many of them.

"That makes sense," he said with a nod. "Soon..." He said, "I'll request it of the Moff Council to allow me to lead the offensive against the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium, to finally put an end to them and their... Experiments," he said, finally finishing. The way he spoke, it seemed as if he were uttering some holy vow, and he meant it completely.

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


"Well now, wouldn't that be something," she grinned back.

Madlyn wasn't too sure she actually wanted to see the gruesome imagery of battle per se, but was hoping more on the aspects of watching [member="Asharad Graush"] practice with his lightsaber. The diplomat assumed it would be like following a ballet, choreographed to a certain extent though in a much more brutal way yet poetic. To be honest, the Eriaduan had not a clue, but more so would just like to see the man work out with his rippling muscles on his well-honed physique going to and fro, or at least that is how the redhead pictured him in those dreams.

"That would be a comfort to many. I for one would be most thankful if you indeed followed through with that," Mads nodded appreciatively to his stated promise. "Though I suppose there are much more pressing matters to deal with presently... like destroying the Galactic Alliance. You know I'm from Eriadu... I fled from there with my parents to Riflor when the rebel scum asserted their power there. That was a sad, sad day," she added for reference.

"Perhaps you can finally put an end to their power hungriness too for me," Mads said, her blue gaze meeting his amber as if asking it as a personal favor to her, and her alone. In truth though, it would be for all the those who called the First Order home including himself and those he held dear, if A'sharad had any.

The two in mean time while they had been talking were winding their way throughout the ground floor of the castle-like building. The High Marshal's estate was huge! Seemed funny to have such a big place just for himself. Madlyn's eyes popped upon entering what could only be a dinning room fit for a king. It had a high ceiling and elongated beveled window panes that let the natural light in, which the sun was still out so the room was illuminated in golden, soft tones. Overall though, for some reason A'sharad didn't seem comfortable here... Like it wasn't truly his choice of a home.

"Shame you don't entertain... This would be a great place to have a gathering of sorts, but I can understand how one likes their privacy too. Do you have any family to share the lovely home with?"
When A'sharad used his lightsabre on the battlefield, he fought with the brute force of a rancor, but moved with the precision and delicacy of a Nexu Cat. The Sith Lord had been training to fight since he could walk, his Sith upbringing sought for him to be a killer through and through, and at this stage in his life, he was certain that his Father, Darth Acarus had achieved what he wanted for his firstborn son.

The High Marshal hummed softly as he turned his head to Madlyn. It was kind of... Amusing to hear her personally requesting he destroy the Galactic Alliance. She wasn't the first woman to be asking something like that. First it had been Lily Kuhn wanting A'sharad to free the people of Empress Teta from the hold of the Alliance before it came to light the true feelings of the planet's Empress. She was of the mind that they would remove her from her ruling position if it was find out.

Since then... He hadn't been able to follow up on that.

"I will," he said with a nod of his head. "Eriadu will be freed from the Alliance, even if I have to commandeer a fleet myself," he said with a reassuring smile, though it was spoken as if it were a vow. He squeezed her hand to reinforce that as well.

"Perhaps it would be," he said. It was meant to look like this, to look like a home for a high ranking official in the military. But... He spent more time in his actual office, or on the frontlines than he did in his 'home.' "Yes - But they live elsewhere now." He said. Since he had killed his father and had assumed control of House Graush he had only seen his family sparingly, and even then, he doubted they were all too interested in seeing him, yet, he knew that they understood it was the way of the Sith.

"What of your own family?"

[member="Madlyn Sol"]


[member="Asharad Graush"]'s hand gave hers a reassuring squeeze as yet again he made a promise to her. A soft, grateful smile graced the redhead's full lips as Madlyn's blue eyes gazed up through dark lashes into his golden orbs. "Your sentiment is taken kindly. It would indeed be a glorious day, would it not?" she said, placing her other hand atop his with an affirming nod.

So the High General did have family, though he chose not to share the details. The man continued to be vague and aloof about himself. Perhaps there was a good reason to do so, or he could even be shy about giving out information, not knowing how people might react to something, but Madlyn thought it was the former rather than the latter.

She herself didn't like to talk about her mother's condition that had seen the otherwise healthy woman placed in a long term care facility; the early onset dementia robbing Muriam Sol of her mind and memories. It was something that bothered the younger Eriaduan - Was it genetic? Would she too find herself in this same way someday? The specialists said no, but the question still plagued the diplomatic counselor nonetheless.

"Well perhaps someday you'll be able to reunite. My mother resides on Riflor, and my father did too until he passed away a few weeks after the attack on Dosuun. I was home on leave recuperating from my injury sustained when he died unexpectedly from a heart attack. At least I got to spend some time quality time with him before he did. Being an only child, we were close. It meant a lot to me that I did."

With that said, Madlyn broke eye contact and walked over to one of the dinning room windows and peered out at the wondrous visage that surrounded the Graush Estate. Jorge Sol's death was still something that pained Mads. She missed him greatly especially his fatherly counsel; gentle yet firm nature.

"Your lands are so beautiful here with the green grasslands, the lush mountains, and crystal clear waterfalls. Oh... Is that a stable I see down there? Do you ride?" she asked A'sharad with a curious smile. It was something Mad's father and her did regularly back on Riflor before she went off to college, then upon her breaks from school.

With his family?

A'sharad wasn't sure he was of the mind of seeing his family again - Not that he hated them, but merely because would any of them know how to react to him. He was cautious, the head of his house, rising to prominence in the First Order's Army, other members of his family, in lesser branches would grow annoyed - angry with him that he didn't support a Sith faction on the other side of the Galaxy.

He could sense a threat, though from where, he couldn't tell. It wasn't close, not close enough for him to think [member="Madlyn Sol"] was in league with a conspirator within his House.

"I feel for your loss," he said, raising his hand to gently pat her own hand reassuringly, or was it affectionately?

A stable?

"No, it's not," he said blankly, almost as if the question in itself confused him. The addition to the edge of the house that looked akin to a stable - really didn't, at least, in his mind. He wasn't even sure what a stable was meant to look like. He had learned that other nobles, Imperials, like the Grand Moff rode horses and took part in other activities of a similar nature - Not him. He killed people for a living.

"It's a personal sanctuary - It holds my fathers belongings," he started. Some were manuscripts his Father had collected from invasions against the Galactic Republic. Once, there had been a vast library on Alderaan that the Republic had attempted to destroy - for whatever reason - to prevent the One Sith from gathering information on the world before the Gulag Plague. Whatever the reasoning, his Father, Darth Acarus' actions had been noted then. Most of the occupying objects were weapons - Yuuzhan Vong make. So, he wasn't going to be allowing just anyone to walk in there.

There was a fairly long pause from the Sith Lord...

"Perhaps another time," he turned away from her for a moment.

"What do you think of the Jedi?"


When [member="Asharad Graush"]'s organic hand patted hers that was resting upon the windowsill as the redhead peered out the etched glass at his estate, there was a genuine warmth she had not felt before from within his touch. Did the man truly care about her loss? He seemed to. Was she starting to earn his affections more than a mere acquaintance would? That made Madlyn smile inside.

"Thank you," Mads replied softly with an appreciative nod. "He was a good man, and I will miss him greatly."

Madlyn's inquiry if there was a stable on the grounds and if he rode seemingly caught the High Marshal off guard from the bewildered look on his face and subsequent answer.

"You are lucky to have such treasures close by to hold dear. It must be comforting for you... I know having my father's old fashion pocket chrono that was passed down from his father and his is for me. It's only a small memento, probably nothing compared to what you may have, but it means a great deal - like having a little piece of him with me. I bring the time piece out when troubled, and it helps me to find clarity and strength of heart."

Forest green pools gave one more look down at the outbuilding Mads' though was a stable, then they flicked back to her ruggedly handsome host, who had turned away from the red-haired diplomat. A'sharad's question was a bit strange though not outside the realms of discussion she supposed.

"I do not give much credence to the Jedi as a whole though I'm sure there are a few that walk the walk. I find them for the most part to be hypocritical at best... Do-gooders in sheep's clothing as evidenced by the actions of late in the hostilities ongoing, no? I prefer it when people stay true to their principles and/or intentions, whether right or wrong as that can be subjective, but at least be honest about them. I can respect that."

Madlyn tucked a chunk of her red-gold hair behind her ear after giving her opinion, then asked in return as she leaned casually back upon the same thick windowsill; hands on either side of her body. "And you? How do you feel about Jedi?"

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