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Larana Tael - The Marauding Anzati

Larana Tael

NAME: Larana Tael, Although briefly known as Lyn'Horeil
AGE: 134 galactic standard years
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'12
WEIGHT: 125 pounds
EYES: Lilac
HAIR: Light brown
SKIN: White
+ Capable of mild telepathic ability, although only slightly trained in it's use
+ Two proboscis on either side of the nose which can be jabbed into the brain through the eyes or nose to drain the victims 'Luck' or 'Soup' as it is referred to by most Anzati.
+ Trained in the use of many weaponry, including but not limited to blaster pistols, blaster rifles, vibroswords, bowcasters and blow darts.
+ Capable of using the environment to her advantage.
+ Extremely agile and quick.
+ Strong minded due to telepathic abilities and therefore rarely susceptible to force based mental assaults.
+ Highly intelligent and resourceful
+ Very seductive, charming, charismatic and deceptive.
- Not very physically imposing and untrained in hand to hand combat.
- Was injured in childhood and is now incapable of lifting her right arm higher than her shoulder.
- Has a tendency to be easily distracted and does not focus on her combat.
- Has a weakness for handsome men.
​- Irrationally despises rhodians.
- Not very good with technology and is incapable of slicing.
- Larana has trouble trusting anyone, and therefore will not depend on others.
- The Soup – Larana like most of her species cannot sate her hunger for the life essence of others, and will often drain her victims of their life essence. This can be exploited by the right people.

Larana does not have a personal starship, and prefers to seduce men into giving them passage on their vessel then killing them, draining their life essence and commandeering their vessel.

Larana was born on Felucia to a freelance mercenary and a waitress in a local cantina. She was abandoned by her mother seven weeks after her birth for reasons that remain unknown to her. She was taken in by a retired annoo dat bounty hunter, Relus Canna who knew her father. He taught her to survive in Felucia's wilderness by abandoning her and returning a day later. By the age of 7 she was proficient in blaster use and could survive in the wilderness for up to four weeks. She continued living and training with Relus until the age of fourteen. On the sixtieth day following her fourteenth birthday Relus Canna was murdered by a cartel collector for the debts owed to giradda the hutt. Larana stowed away on the collector's ship and traveled to Nar Shaddaa.
Larana took to the streets of Nar Shaddaa's largest cities and was forced to beg, steal and lie to survive. She had allot of trouble with Nar Shaddaa's native gangs after she was caught stealing from one of their smugglers and suffered a crippling injury after being interrogated by a rhodian member of the Krayt Gang. She continued to survive on Nar Shaddaa until the age of 24 when she met a man called Holoran Bleiss.
Holoran took her everywhere with him and continued to act as a father to her until she reached the age of one hundred and she became very attached to him. She acted as his protege while he went around the galaxy persuading non-violent star sytems to join with a coalition called the U.P.P.A.P.S (Uncivilized Planet Protection And Preservation Society) which aimed to prevent interfering with planets that had not yet become capable of space travel. She acted as his assistant and gained great diplomatic skills from their travels until Holoran's death. He died of old age in his bed as she wept by his side.
For the next thirty four years Larana proceeded to travel the galaxy studying civilizations and planets. She has gained much knowledge on alien cultures therefore and has become an adept at surviving on almost any planet. She now serves as a freelance assassin and has killed a total of sixteen people.
1. Ambassador Boros Shelni of the Auril system
2. Ambassador Colran Felnari of the Gricho system
3. Ferunal Urllph, The abyssin mercenary
4. Castar Bohn, The soldier who knew too much
5. Craggec Flaum, The sith apprentice who annoyed the wrong hutt
6. Sirus Galaxis, The mirialan smuggler
7. Charstull Freed, The family man with too many debts
8. Kil'Jaren Ulrastan, The drovian bounty hunter
9. Orustan, The mandalorian elite
10. Fel'ruun, The butcher of Haruun Kal
11. Darth Chasreyl, The sith lord
12. Master Nel'gruun the togruta jedi
13. Polphus Morn, The senator who said too much
14. Pulronus Castus, She was never told the details
15. Elphus, The faceless
16. Bendus Grathis Gernay, The Drach'Nam slaver

Trista Nemorra

Darkside Dominatrix
Might you be interested in hearing about a recruitment into an anti-slavery pirating faction?
@[member="Larana Tael"]

Lady Lyn

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I'm sure Larana would be very interested in such an offer

Trista Nemorra said:
Might you be interested in hearing about a recruitment into an anti-slavery pirating faction?
@[member="Larana Tael"]
I'm sure Larana would be more than interested in such an offer