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Character Lans Oraas

Lans Oraas

PVT Lans Oraas Jr


NAME: Lans Oraas

FACTION: The Galactic Alliance

RANK: Private in the GADF Marines


AGE: 24

SEX: Male


WEIGHT: 93 kgs

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Brown


  • Positive
  • Determined and motivated.
  • Charismatic

  • Gambler
  • Stubborn
As pictured.

Lans Oraas was born into a Corellian family with a proud history of Military service – and he had all intention to end that. Lans was the only child of Lans Oraas Sr, a retired Colonel, and he was everything his Father was not. Most importantly, Lans never inherited his Father's sense of duty, nor his contentedness in the rigid life of the military. While his Father poured his evenings into the books and recordings of past wars, Lans was more interested in Corellian literature. He left school to study Philosophy and Corellian literature with the dream of building a career in academia. Even under the disappointment of his parents, Lans succeeded in his studies and completed a Masters in Modern Corellian Literature and New Republic Era Philosophy.

"The only sure thing about luck is that it will change."

He wasn't too sure when the bad habit started. It could have been when his mother told him to not gamble his Father's inheritance away. Even before his could be cremated Lans had already started gambling away his father's meager fortune. Maybe it got to do with not like being told what to do, or some unresolved conflict with his father. All the mattered was, within the year, the money had dried up and he had debt collectors at his door.

Just as every spoilt Corellian kid did, Lans crawled back to his mother: begging. As any mother would do, she paid the debt, but not before dropping him off in front of the Corellian Defence Force recruiting office. She made him promise, to complete four years of service for your father, and the debt would be wiped clean. Lans agreed and stepped into the recruitment office… before stepping out again.

His mother didn't specify which military, so he joined the Marines.




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