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Lana Orion

Lana Orion

NAME: Lana Orion
FACTION: Freelance
RANK: None
AGE: 22

SEX: Female.
HEIGHT: 5'2"
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Golden Brown
FORCE SENSITIVE: Unknown to her.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Weakness: OCD/Extreme Germophobe- Lana disinfects and cleans her house for several hours each day. She carries disinfectant with her at all times. She touches at little as possible, often wearing gloves. She cannot sleep anywhere that hasn't been disinfected and cleaned by her personally.

Weakness: Undiagnosed Autism with severe lack of social skills- Her schedule is extremely rigid and unchanging. She is most often alone, as most people are thrown off by her lack of social skills. While she is aware of social protocols, for the most part she finds them contradictory and unnecessary and thus doesn't follow them. She is very self centered.

Strength: Memory- Eidetic, or photographic.

Strength: Technology Genius- Lana hasn't met a piece of technology that she hasn't been able to crack, hack or improve.


Her long black hair is normally worn down. Her clothes are somewhat revealing and well fitted. Almost always has some skin showing. From a distance, one wouldn't notice her social anxieties.

Lana was born on Coruscant to a middle class family. She was the older of the two children, but not the favorite. The differences between the two children were apparent early on, and while her parents cared for her, they could do nothing more than provide for her as she got older and more independent.

As a teenager, she left her parents home and lived on her own. Her parents still took care of her expenses, since she had no real understanding of money. But it was then that her medical conditions consumed her very existence, with no hinderences such as other people in the house.

The woman studied without leaving her house, and worked when hired by others over the last several years. Not a life of significance, yet.

Luxury Yacht.