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Lan Raegin

Lan Raegin

NAME: Lan Raegin
FACTION: The Republic
RANK: Commander
SPECIES: Selonian
AGE: 32
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'2''
WEIGHT: 186lbs
EYES: Gray
HAIR: Orange
SKIN: Orange


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[+]Lan is an excellent leader. For some strange reason he is able to keep the bandying mess that is Havoc squad together without everyone dying horribly...except for the enemy, they tend to die a lot.
[+]Although he is no Sniper Lan is an excellent shot with both Blaster Rifles and Pistols. His marksmen ship is considered legendary within the Republic military and people often talk about how Lan seems to be able to pick up any blaster rifle and just “make it work”.
[-]One major downfall Lan has is that he's incredibly overprotective of his squadmates. He will go to hell and back for his subordinates and this often leads him into dangerous and troubling situations where he nearly dies.
[-]Lan is absolutely terrible with computers. He does not understand and can barely comprehend computers of any sort. Lan is old school, preferring good old flimsy to datapads and liking paper back books instead of electronic books. Because of his Lan is absolutely useless in situations that require technology know how.

Lan was born on his homeworld of Corellia as any of his other species. He was raised like any Selonian, loyal to the tribe and a good fighter. He enjoyed his life on Corellia for quite some time, and indeed would have grown to old age there among his tribe in peace. However this was prevented when the galaxy began to be filled with war.

The Omega Protectorate took control of Corellia, and with it came many good things. Lan however did not enjoy the decidedly neutral stance that OP took in its dealings with the galaxy, his tribe had always instilled the love of peace and prosperity in him, but also the love of the galaxy under one government. Unable to join the Omega Protectorate because of his own personal stance on the galaxy Lan instead decided to join the Republic.

At first this did not go all that well for the Selonian, he was often made fun of for his furry appearance and his strange alien habits. This lead to Lan getting in more fights than was good for him. Despite this however Lan showed a remarkable aptitude for leadership and command. Eventually Republic High Command placed him in charge of Havoc Squad, knowing that the ragtag bunch of misfits would be perfectly fine with having and Alien commander.
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