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Lagbane Roses

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  • Intent: To create one of the plants of Setus Prime.
  • Image Credit: How to properly source your images
  • Canon: [Is this a canon location? If yes, please link to the original location wiki here, if no simply put N/A.]
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  • Name: Lagbane
  • Homeworld: Setus Prime
  • Other Locations: It can be exported, and planted elsewhere.
  • Classification: Vegetable/Flower
  • Average Growth Cycle: Lagbane takes a year to reach full maturity, from the time it is planting. Roughly six years afterward the plant will die off, but as it does so it will release all it's seeds.
  • Viability: This requires a temperate environment, and when properly cared for it can stay alive for about a year. This requires 5 hours of sunlight a day, and a gallon of water. It can maintain freshness for a month when harvested. Dietwise this uses crystals from the Crystal Desert that are considered not fit to be used for Lightsabers or blasters and eats them. The Crystals are fed to it by Narrikian caretakers.
  • Description: Lagbane appears to be a rose of average size, but with white petals and no thorns. It is connected to a squash like vegetable usually, and grows out above where one of the vegetables are made.
  • Average height: The maximu height is Three Meters, but it is normally smaller.
  • Average length: This has a length of three meters.
  • Color: The rose is colored white, but the squash is colored purple with yellow spots.
  • Nutritional Value: The roses can be ground to make a tea that will help with constipation, but the squash provides a complete amino acid profile, and also fills the need for daily vitamin C.
  • Distinctions: Variations between regional groups consist of a difference in taste of the 'squash' as ones grown closer to the Imperial Palace will have a nutty flavor sorta like water chestnuts, and cashews mixed together, while the ones grown in other areas of the planet will have a taste similar to soy nuts, or almonds.
  • Strengths: This plant was engineered to provide a resistance to the Gulag Plague. Those who eat it would have some resistance to that disease. In addition, the plant is very easy to cook. Eventually, if someone were to consume a hundred of these or so, they'd be highly resistant to it.
  • Weaknesses: This plant is weak against parasites and infections. It could be drowned, or burnt.

Shortly after they had managed to purge most of the infected from their world, and confine the others the Narrikians realized they needed a solution of their own. So several of the bio-engineering experts, herbalists, and Force Users came together. Using samples of the Gulag Plague they were able to infuse a squash like vegetable that had a rose on it with a "vaccine" to the Gulag Plague. Engineering the plant, it became one of the staples of the Narrikian diet to prevent future outbreaks of the disease. It is still cultivated to this day.
Hi [member="Sirius Nova"] :) I'll be taking a look at your submission today. It's always nice to see more flora introduced to the Codex so let's get started.

Firstly could you please put N/A in both of these sections instead of the template text.

There's a contradiction in how long the plant can live. You say it lives for 6 years in the Growth Cycle section then say it can live for a year when well cared for.

Dietwise this uses crystals from the Crystal Desert that are considered not fit to be used for Lightsabers or blasters and eats them.
A question for clarification here, given that both plants and crystals are immobile, how do Lagbane roses obtain the crystals for feeding?

  • Average height: As it varies, I will have to say N/A
I understand there may be a large variety of sizes we need a rough guideline for how large the typical Lagbane is otherwise we have no way of knowing if the plant is minuscule or could wrap itself around buildings. For example the typical Climbing Rose on Earth (among the most common of roses) has an average of 3 meters.

We also ask that you include a minimum of two strengths and weakness each.

In addition, the deadliness of the Gulag Plague cannot be challenged. It is a part of Chaos lore we do not touch. I therefore ask that you remove all references to it being a successful cure.
It's not a cure, but more of an immunizer/resistance substance in the plant itself.

[member="Samka Derith"]

If that would be okay, or should I give up on the idea? That's why it's named "Lagbane" as it were.
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