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Approved Tech Lady Praelior's Armor

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Balaya Praelior

Balaya Zambrano, One of Many

Image Credits: http://th05.devianta...by_scarypet.jpg
Intent: To bring Balaya's original armor in line with factory restrictions and create a truly unique suit of armor that can't be recreated.

Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Spire Forge

Model: Hyborian Platemail

Affiliation: Sith Empire

Modularity: Yes (some weapons can be changed out for the future or pieces down the line)

Production: Unique

  • Turadium (Primary armor)
  • Crystasteel (transparent and over exposed sections)
  • Sullust leather (to prevent chafing)
  • Flexsteel (at joints)
  • Armorweave (underside of gloves)
  • Shell spider silk (cloak/cape)
Classification: Multipurpose

Weight: 35kg

Quality: 10

Other Feature(s):
Mobile armory:
  • Molecular stiletto knives
  • Beskad
  • Lightwhips
  • Electro whips
  • Lightsabers
  • Shoto saber
  • Clawed hand
  • blaster pistol
  • Can carry Caries breaker grenade

  • Wrist mounted datapad (with connection to reinforced nexu speeder)
  • Ear comlink
  • Synthetic crystals
  • Caries vials
  • Utility belt

  • Minor saber resistance (turadium and armor weave)
  • Minor blaster resistance (crystasteel and turadium)
  • Minor impact/piercing (crystasteel covering "exposed" area's)
  • Environmental (snow, rain, heat)
  • Alchemically enhanced

Designed around Lake Naath and forged to fit the heavily muscled and cybernetically enhanced Dar'manda zeltron. The forging of the armor took what she learned from her father and applied it to creation of the armor. When she entered the empire and the service of the then Dark Councilor Kaine she began building armor and weapons for the blackblade legions at the behest of her master who was teaching her sith alchemy.

After the taking of Bastion and initial creation of the armor the real test came in the form of Lord Krag. His task for her to create a suit of armor for him and show her talent after the powerful Spire Forge was created because two fold. Now she had the time to create not just her own suit but a suit designed for the powerful Graug Sith Lord whom the entire sector bowed before.

And that is what they did deep in the underground forge as the magma heated the metals and the Caries cooled it, the unseelie slaves shambling around to provide a larger darkside taint and aura to draw upon. Balaya's alchemical powers and prowess being tested without Kaine's supervision but using all the lessons he had taught her about imbuing the force into items and bending the galaxy to your will to do it.

Boots and leggings: Black high heeled thigh high boots made of Sullust leather as the base and Turadium plates covering in inch thick rounds. The small point to make the look of scales rising up to the knees where it comes into a predominent spike upwards. The thigh section rides down coming out into two spikes that interconnect to create a sharpened area at the front of the knees. The area behind the knee is covered with flexsteel allowing movement with the rest of the leg and Turadium plates on the feet minus the heels which are a semi complicated spring mechanism for ejecting a solid barbed spike to pierce the floor. Crystasteel covers the upper section of her thighs the transparent material going into the Turadium thong.
  • Heel: A spring ejection system within each heel with a barbed spike made for locking and bracing into ferrocrete or permacrete floors. Can be fired used as a weapon if standing above someone as it is made for puncturing into a standard floor with ease.

Thong: Balaya's black Sullust leather and Turadium thong is a tease and deception with a g-string in the back. The Crystasteel is used to protect her buttocks wrapping into small sections of flexsteel at her hips for movements. A small triangle of Turadium and red synth crystal in the front that are decorative. The Turadium is connected with the Crystasteel with a smooth near invisible connection of flexsteel to allow movement. The holsters on the thighs are designed on one side to hold a small wrapping of five molecular stiletto knives on the right hip, on her left hip blaster pistol

Belt: A flexsteel belt wraps around the waist and holds six hooks for her equipment. A utility belt similar to the jedis with a small container filled with some vials of the Caries waters. The darkside tainted waters that can cause sickness in lightsiders for a time.
Bra: The armored bra is just as dangerously deceptive a solid Turadium over Sullust leather with Crystasteel covering her back and mid section. The plate is designed to contain her bountiful bust of back breaking proportions. A solid sheath rides along her back with one attachment on her thong and the other on her back to hold her large beskad. At her neck and sternum and buried in the mounds of her cleavage is a shoto lightsaber for a last resort in the event she is disarmed. A neck guard of flexsteel goes into the shoulder pauldrons and cape clasps while under the armpit hooks for her electro whips are hidden.

Gloves and Shoulders: Shoulder length Sullust leather from her wrist to shoulder and connecting under pauldrons that extend off her shoulder three inches. The cape/cloak goes just over them for a regal looks. The Turadium pauldrons have a diagional plate that goes under and down into the arm plates of Turadium ending at the elbow with similar interlocking spikes like at her ankles with flexsteel on the inner side for freedom of movement. Then another Turadium series of thick plates ending in an armorweave glove. The armorweaved glove itself contains micro slivers of Turadium with power enhancers. Not much but it functions as a poor mans crushgaunt amplifying her strength by a factor of .5 her normal to snap bones a little easier and for a brief moment deflect a saber one.

  • Left Glove: The left glove is a solid under plate with a wrist mounted tactical pad designed to serve additional armor functions. A communications Interface to contact and coordinate with the Blackblade legions or her master Kaine. A motion Sensory Interface with a range up to twenty five meters. An audio/Visual Recorder for keeping track of fights and conversations seen through her ocular implants. A vehicle Interface with slave circuits for her Nexu speeder that has been reinforced to her weight.

  • Right glove: The right glove has five talons riding along the top of the Turadium plate and armorweave glove. With a small flex of her hand they can snap forward presenting five one inch Turadium talons tipped with molecular stiletto for slicing through metals and people. The tips can be broken and need to be replaced if they snap off.
  • example
  • Image credit: http://www.kropserke.../Images/wb2.jpg

Cloak: A duel purpose cape composed of Shell spider silk on it died to lord Kaine's colors and holding his emblem. The hood of the cloak has a larger back that can contain the large amount of her hair which will fall down in a fiery mane when out of the hood. It hooks to the shoulder pauldrons and trails down to her ankles much like her hair and wraps around her size perfectly able to hide of form and armor until it is needed.

  • Mobile Armory
  • Connection to cybernetics
  • Minor saber/blaster resistance
  • Deceptively designed full plate mail
  • Alchemically enhanced
  • Heavy armor
  • Susceptible to EMP with electronics and cybernetics
  • Slow moving
  • Limited range of movement
  • Stiletto blades can snap
  • Unmistakable darkside aura and taint
  • Cannot sneak around
Removed/altered from original:
  • Beskar removed
  • Cortosis removed
  • Phrik removed
  • Armor weave cloak changed
  • Lavenrok removed
  • Wrist mounted blaster removed
  • Wrist mounted flame thrower removed
  • Sc'rath blades removed
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