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Approved Location Lady Kyros' Hidden Sanctuary

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Jorus Merrill

is mek bote
Hangar/cargo area 1
Hangar/cargo area 2
Docking bay
Security checkpoint
Throne room
Exterior view

Intent: To create a personal redoubt for one of the Sith Lords of the Empire, Darth Kyros.
Development Thread: No. Construction and purpose discussed in this thread and others. http://starwarsrp.net/topic/18240-something-beginning-with-ocean-jorus-thyrian/
Manufacturer: Silk Holdings
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Darth Kyros
Modularity: No; current configuration optimizes reactor workload, and major changes would require even more major adjustments to central portions of the structure.
Production: Unique
Material: Stone, durasteel, glasteel, turadium, camouflage mesh.
Description: @[member="Darth Kyros"]' hidden sanctum is a subterranean base located in a tectonically stable area of the planet Teth. Effectively a single facility the size of a small village, it has been built in utmost secrecy and to exacting standards. It is housed within an artificially enlarged cavern system whose inner roof has been lined with a layer of durasteel armor and a layer of anti-sensor camouflage netting. A quartet of large docking bays and disguised blast doors allow subterranean landing for craft up to bulk cruiser class. It was contracted by one of the Sith Empire' rulers and executed by a Tier Four shipwright and construction firm with some experience in subterranean architecture.

Inside, the majority of the sanctum is utilitarian, even industrial. Exceptions include Darth Kyros' throne room and various suites and facilities for respected company. The facility includes a substantial alchemy lab and workshop. The facility has a HoloNet connection which can be routed from several points. The facility's connection routes through a private network of reprogrammed deep-space Envoy-class communications satellites, with all the encryption resources available to a ruler of the Sith Empire.

Security systems are composed largely of motion sensors and droid patrols, though pop-up autoblasters and sonic projectors provide deterrence against trooper contingents and Force users, respectively. The most critical blast doors are made of turadium, a common material for high-priority blast doors. Security checkpoints including powerful scanners and enclision grids are located at several key intersections and apertures. The facility's outer defenses include an emergency shield generator, recessed quad laser turrets, and heavy tree cover. Powerful sensor arrays include a Crystal Gravfield Trap, the kind used by the Sith Empire's reconnaissance vessel.

All ventilation shafts are thoroughly trapped with enclision grids and blocked with a lattice of crosshatched, intersecting planes made of turadium, a grid extended along its central axis to minimize obstruction of airflow and maximize obstruction of lightsabre. Additionally, nets snare objects, animals, and explosives. Ventilation shafts are not an option for the intrepid Jedi.

In the event of a major security breach, hidden chutes can deploy escape pods; specifically, modernized versions of the E3 Standard Starship Lifeboat, produced by Silk Holdings.

EDIT: Since Kyros' evacuation, the base has been refitted by Jorus Merrill, and is known only to him and Michael Sardun.
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