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L&L Robotics, a subsidiary of Blas-Tech

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Corporation Name: L&L Robotics, LLC
Headquarters: Coruscant, down the way from Blas-Tec Tower.
L&L's main R&D facility and corporate headquarters are on Coruscant.
Manufacturing/Production sites: Druckenwell, Dromund Kaas, Fondor, Geonosis Nar Shadaa, Tatooine.
Testing sites:
For completed models and field tests - Geonosis and Tatooine.
For component testing and small-arms, Coruscant usually suffices.
Operations: L&L Robotics develops and manufactures high-end exoskeletons and combat machinery. Although it has been known to make individual units custom-made, generally L&L develops a machine and then markets it meet to existing military needs, relying on the selling power of a handful of alpha models to secure funding for mass production.
Rationale: L&L began as a research & development wing of Blas-Tec industries, relying on the talents of Tara Lasood to head various projects related to the field of mechanized warfare. After mulling his options over and consulting with accountants, Blas-Tech CEO Cade Lee offered Tara Lasood the opportunity to open a funded subsidiary on Blas-Tech's credit, to avoid running afoul of Anti-trust laws and the like. Compartmentalizing Blas-Tech's expanding robotics wing would allow both Tara's vision and Cade's gun monopoly to grow without hindering each other.
Tier: 4

L&L Robotics is one hell of a company to work for. Tara Lasood insists on handling any talent acquisition herself, and her standards for such are quite high. She gathers the best and the brightest minds the Galaxy can produce (and her budget can afford) to her development team, luring them with promises of incredible wages and perks... and then puts them through the wringer. Long hours, abrupt cancellation of lines of research, think-tanks that meet for days at a time - a substandard product is not an option. Every weapon developed by L&L is intended to revolutionize some aspect of warfare, and as such, each one is developed from nearly the ground up.

The reason for L&L's voracious recruitment is simple; in order to produce something that matches the CEO's vision, often a new technology or piece of equipment needs to be produced. The well-known Tartaros-Class mech required months of testing to simply be functional, given that it was intended to be dropped into combat via aircraft and be fighting within seconds. The kinetic dampeners were custom-made for this purpose, the hull was based on a modified Republic escape pod design, and the Mech itself was built around this core theme of impact survival and durability. It isn't enough to be the best in your field - L&L demands that it's scientists have a wide array of knowledges and applied sciences, to facilitate communication through all levels of development.

Once a working prototype is developed, it is exhaustively tested. Typically, Tattooine is the testing site of choice; L&L's facilities there are expansive and are able to simulate an incredible variety of combat situations. With a small standing army of test proctors armed with the latest and best weaponry from L&L's Mother Corp, Blas-Tech, any machine that cannot hold it's own is swiftly dismantled and taken back to the development stage - or shelved in favor of a newer project. L&L might actually put one model into production per fifty developed on a good year, but that is a conservative estimate. Branch corporation they might be, L&L's founder insists on the same degree of excellence that Blas-Tech itself is so well known for.

Once a model has been developed, tested, re-tested and approved, the marketing team takes over. Like Blas-Tech, L&L ignores the faction warfare of the Galaxy and sells to the highest bidder. Like Blas-Tech, a group that attempts to seize L&L's assets unlawfully or claim imminent domain will find their opponents very well armed and funded, bolstered by corp-hired Mercenary groups. In this way, L&L keeps itself free of war on a personal level, while still being able to provide the same degree of excellence and product the warmongers of the Galaxy expect from a Blas-Tech subsidiary.

Current Products in Circulation:
Lapetus-Class Armored Infantry Support
Tartoros-Class Urban Superiority Fighter

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran
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