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Kyle O'Conner

Kei Raxis

The Dead One
Silent But Deadly: A half decent assassin, Kyle can get a decent shot from a good distance away
Lingust: Kyle is a good lingust, knowing a reasonable amount of languages
Pilot: A good pilot, Kyle can probably make a good get away in a fighter with ease
Reckless: Reckless at heart, Kyle will throw himself head first into danger without thinking
Melee: Weak? Oh, of course. Kyle isn't gonna last in a hand to hand fight
Corellian: Corellian's are patrotic, they miss home. All Kyle wants is to chill out on Corellia.

Kei Raxis

The Dead One
Chapter I

The Industrial Planet, the one planet everyone knows as Brokellia. It suffered heavily and was shattered into two. However, it was rebuilding slowly with outside help. It was growing, improving economically and the infrastructure was getting so much better. The population was also on the rise, homes and businesses being rebuilt slowly but surely.

The O'Conner family were one of those who had just been rehoused. They had also just helped increase the population, giving birth to Kyle O'Conner. Originally, he was a twin however the second child died after only two days after he was born. Jaster O'Conner and Kyle O'Conner were supposed to be the dream team and instead only one survived.

The family was hurt.

The family was torn apart. The parents split, they blamed themselves for the death of Jaster. In reality, they couldn't do anything but guilt told them otherwise. Guilt forced them to blame themselves, told them that everything was their fault. Their split was pretty much destined to occur, the marriage was shattered forever.

Chapter II
Kyle O'Conner spent his childhood split between two parents who were more invested in their personal fighting than their child. It wasn't their fault, of course. They were destroyed by the loss of their child and even moreso by the loss and breakdown of their marriage. Kyle never really suffered because of it, he just felt slightly neglected every so often.

He was always fed and clothed, given a good education. He just never cared enough about his education to exploit it. He always dreamed about the stars, wondered what was out there. He spent his education drawing pictures of stars and planets that he knew he would never get to see or explore, know the name of or know what they contained.