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Approved Starship Kvvew Fighter

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Intent: To create a NPC use fighter for the Klaxxi's slave species to pilot for them against PCs.
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Klaxxi builder race
Model: Kvvew Fighter
Affiliation: Klaxxi
Modularity: None
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Varium
Description: The Kvvew fighter is the Klaxxi fighter equivalent, and is the ultimate expression of their philosophy transferred into space combat. Piloted by slaves, the Kvvew fighter has no shields, virtually no armor, and only a single powerful weapon. These ships are designed to attack targets in large numbers, and are considered completely expendable. It is not uncommon for the larger Klaxxi carriers to retreat, leaving any remaining Kvvew fighters to the mercy of the enemy.

The fighters primary, and only, weapon is an axial laser that is designed to fire a powerful laser for a few seconds at a time. The Kvvew's high mobility is designed to allow it to keep its beam targeted for its entire duration. A full duration blast from this weapon is enough to cut through most shields of fighter sized, and even many larger, craft.
Classification: Fighter
Role: Swarm Fighter
Height: 3.2 meters
Width: 3.2 meters
Length: 6.5 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Anti-matter
Hyperdrive Rating: None
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 1
Armaments: Axial Laser
Passenger Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: None
Consumables: 12 Hours
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: 1
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