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Kuree's Wing

Zahori Denko

Intent: This vessel is to serve as Jae'Koris' personal ship for SpecOps missions.
Development Thread: TBA
Manufacturer: Deilosian Shipyards
Model: Kuree-class Frigate
Affiliation: Jae'Koris
Modularity: None
Production: Unique
  • Laminanium
  • Nutorium
  • Stygian-triprismatic Polymer
  • Glasteel
Description: (Include some strengths and weaknesses here. At least a paragraph is desired, but not absolutely mandatory. Describe some of the history behind the submission. Give us some idea of how it might perform its function, what it excels against and what some limitations of it are.)
Classification: Capital Ship
Role: Stealth
Height: 140m
Width: 220m
Length: 375m
Power Core Generator/Reactor:
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1
Minimum Crew: 25
Optimal Crew: 45
  • Imperial Shuttles x2
  • Imperial Tank x1
Non-Combative Attachments:
Passenger Capacity: 200
Cargo Capacity: (Metric system; how much cargo can The ship or station hold, assuming a full armament, hanger, and crew count)
Consumables: 1 year
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 5
Zahori Denko
@[member="Xander Carrick"]

And I believe I know what I'm doing.
1. I asked about the polymer and it doesn't need a dev thread. The polymer just improves the steath capabilities the Stygium crystals will give the ship.
2. The ship is in the Pre-Factory because I still need to do the challenge for the Stygium crystals.


Like Lightning
I was not trying to be rude in any way. I just didn't know that you have already asked about that or if you found out something else. Sorry.