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KSF Records

Kuat Drive Yards

Driven To Excel

Kuat Drive Yards / Kuati Sector Forces
Modus Operandi
The KSF and KDY operate on the rule of Justice. They do not act according to other Organizations or Planets laws, as all laws differ. However, there are simple, common sense rules of life that many should follow (If it is illegal IRL in your place of residence, do your best not to do it here. KSF does not enforce any laws on Controlled Substances). If you don't feel right doing it, you probably shouldn't do it. Now, with that said, this doesn't mean everything in the Galaxy is Black & White. As an example: Murder from acting in Self-Defense is not Murder. Accidental Murder from Violence or Assault is not Planned Murder. There are differences to every circumstance.

Kuat Drive Yards may not have always acted properly in the past, and its ancient history is more or less the textbook how-to on how to mistreat and abuse living creatures and leave them to die. That has all changed, all of it, with President Troste. The rebuilding of the Company has followed a very strict guideline of how to manage oneself and others in times of casual greetings, business, war, and many other instances. As another rule, KSF / KDY will always follow the Rules of Engagement and all KSF and KDY members must follow the Geneva Conventions.

Organization Representatives (These can be Minor Factions, Companies, and Major Factions)
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Any individual with real knowledge of Law, please apply to support with Laws, Charters, Bills, Constitutions, etc.

Enemies and Allies of KSF
These can be found in KDY Affiliations. Organizations that are exempt from the Rules of Engagement are listed below.
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OOC Faction Owner Administration
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