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Approved Tech KS4 Trench Gun

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Marik Baldear

[SIZE=13pt]KS4 Trench Gun[/SIZE]


image by spex84

[SIZE=13pt]Intent:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] to give the Coalition a cheep slug thrower ideal for close quarter fighting.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Development Thread:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] NA[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Manufacturer:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Tak & Con[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Model:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Slug Thrower[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Affiliation:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Coalition[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Modularity:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] yes[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Production:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Minor[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Material: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]Durasteel
[SIZE=13pt]Description:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] The KS4 was a slug thrower made by Tak&Con for the Coalition. It was made to be an affective weapon in chaotic street battles and close quarters combat such as room too room raids on ships. Like most Tak&Con weapons, the KS4 was very solid and simple, only breaking down into 3 rather chunky components. This solid design was a result of the cheap materials use for the firearm but it waight was used to great effect by the Coalition troopers who would often pass on attaching a bayonet and fond it more effective to use the weapon to bludgeon enemies [/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Classification: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]Slug Thrower[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Size:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Handheld[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Status:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] Limited[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Length:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] 50cm[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Weight:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] 2.9kg[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Ammunition Type:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] shells/slugs[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Ammunition Capacity:[/SIZE][SIZE=13pt] 20[/SIZE]
[SIZE=13pt]Effective Range: [/SIZE][SIZE=13pt]50m[/SIZE]
Not open for further replies.