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Name: Krioni
Faction: None
Rank: None (As Of Yet)
Species: Human
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 152
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Skin: Fair
Force Sensitive: Yes
Saber Forms: Proficient in Juyo Form

Confident/Fearless + : Krioni is not hesitant to jump into the fray, even when the odds are less than favorable.
Saber Combat + : Utilizing his Juyo Form, Krioni can be exceptionally dangerous.
Relentless +/- : Krioni will stop at nothing to achieve goals. This, however, can be a weakness of his.
Lack of Control (Emotions) - : Krioni can let his emotions best him, especially in combat. He has been lured into traps before by following his emotions and not seeing things clearly.
Defiant - : Krioni has not been a good name for himself due to his defiance. He likes to choose his own way, even when ordered to do the opposite. It does not always end well for him.

Appearance : Same as avatar/sig.

Bio: Krioni was born on Coruscant. His potential for the force was recognized at a young age, and he was whisked away from his poor family to the Jedi Temple. His Master, Olum Trak, taught Krioni extensively in lightsaber combat and the Juyo Form.
Krioni found himself under constant scrutiny from his Master and fellow Jedi because he would lose himself in combat and to the form itself, though he always tried to suppress his feelings and channel them properly. He volunteered as much as he could with Republic soldiers and commandos for patrols and missions. They couldn't tell how far from his teachings he was willing to go to make himself stronger.
Slowly, his demeanor began to change. Krioni became irritable when not in combat. His failures as a Jedi Padawan haunted him. He tried to adhere to the strict code, but found that combat always changed him. He knew it was only a matter of time before he lost all control. It would have been obvious to Master Olum. So he decided to come clean when he felt the time was right.
He finally got his chance after a data recovery mission. There in a Republic Outpost, he spilled his confession before his Master. His Master had already seen it coming and made provisions for it. He and Krioni were to return to the Jedi Council and discuss the progress of Krioni. Krioni felt betrayed. He knew the Order would dismiss him. He could not really blame them. It was he who could not control his feelings.
Before they could leave the Republic Outpost, it was ambushed by a Sith Lord and his two Apprentices, along with a battalion of Imperial soldiers. The fighting went on for hours. Master Olum had stayed in heated battle with the Sith Lord, while Krioni weaved in and out of battle with the Sith Apprentices and Imperial troopers, Republic soldiers and commandos at his side. Krioni fought ferociously. He unleashed everything he had. For the first time he truly embraced the Juyo Form, uninhibited by any restraints he had been taught to put up. His anger towards the Council fueled him to victory over the first Apprentice, the second falling to a barrage of blaster fire from the Republic commandos.
The battle finally ended with the Republic forces being victorious. Master Olum had struck down the Sith Lord, and they data they guarded remained safe. Krioni had not anticipated what happened next. Master Olum forced Krioni to relinquish his saber, saying that he had given himself over to rage and emotion. Krioni found himself speechless. Without the support of Master Olum, he had nothing. There would be no voice for him when it came to dealing with the Council.
Later that night, he slipped from his tent into the dim light of the outpost. It was seven hours before he and Master Olum were to leave. Krioni would not be leaving with him. He found the bodies of the Imperials in a pile, the Sith warriors in a separate pile next to it. He hovered of the corpse of the Sith Lord. I will not become this, he thought to himself. He pulled the ornate saber from the dead Sith Lord's grasp. It felt right in Krioni's hands.
He walked inconspicuously to the vehicle staging area and took off on a speeder bike towards the space port. He would leave in his fighter before Master Olum even knew he was gone. There was no turning back for him now. He would not be thrown aside. He would continue his training even if it was just him. The Jedi had failed him. They quit on him. He would walk a different path.

Ship: To be added
Kills: None
Bounties Collected: None
Role Plays: None

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance ;) .

Alendarius Veygar

Now you'll just have to join the Sith and everything will be fine. :p