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Kreea Shrill

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Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

  • Intent: To expand on Rhen Var for what will be a future codex entry
  • Image Credit: Solgaleo
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A
  • Name: Kreea Shrill
  • Designation: Semi-Sentient
  • Homeworld: Rhen Var
  • Language: Roars itself but it can understand basic and telpathy with the force (beast friendship/taming)
  • Average Lifespan: 50 Years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary (A Large Concentration on a single world or system, rarely found off-world)
  • Description: Thickly muscled and covered in soft white fur. THey reside near crystal caves on the world and staunchly defend them from others with hostile intent. THeir manes are thicker and usually covered in fust from different colored crystals giving each one a more unique look. THe fully grown males can stand on all four legs near five feet tall with whitish gold claws for digging into rock and ice.
  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 1.75m
  • Average length of adults: 2m
  • Skin color: Pink
  • Hair color: White/Silver
  • Distinctions: Stands on four legs with a thick mane of hair and is able to roam around in the snow and ice.
  • Races: N/A
  • Strengths:
    Weather Adaptedt: Adapted to the cold and harsh environment of RHen Var, their noses can find small amounts of food and their fur keeps them warm, claws made to dig into ice and minorly into stone. THeir fur is soft but with a semi oily sheen to prevent snow from penetrating to their skin
  • Loyal Creatures: When raised from birth with a single individual they can become very loyal and friendly. Willing to defend and protect their masters.

  • No Sweat Glands: Adapted to the cold weather of Rhen Var, their thick bodies and fur let them survive in the cold. Off world outside of cold environments they can't handle the heat and will start to die.
  • One Sided: Their meat, is slightly poisoned for most creatures. It is high in mercury and will make others who eat it deathly ill with a possibility of them dying

  • Diet: THey can eat just about anything on Rhen Var, buried in the ice and snow. What small vegetation that can grow near geothermal vents in caves or small creatures around the crystal caves
  • Communication: Roars
  • Technology level: Dar Below Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: Regarded as noble creatures by those who are on Rhen Var, they can be seen as guardians of crystal caves and jedi tombs.
  • General behavior:
  • With the World:
    Born on Rhen Var and attracted to the different locations where crystals and force users have been buried. THey are not able to use the force but are more like a bloodhound and able to sense it namely the lightside of the force in the form of the Solari Crystals that naturally grow on the planet. They are not fully sentient but seem to have an animal level of intelligence and can be domesticated in small groups to be used as guard animals of temples and crypts on the planet.

[*]With Each Other:
  • They are friendly, attacking sometimes but no more then any other creature with their own kind. They can generally be found in small groups of 5-10 with one or three being adults and the rest children. Once they are old enough to survive they head out on their own and find their own mate or area to live.

[*]With Outsiders:
  • They are indifferent for the most part, attacking if they are attacked but they are willing to ignore. Those in the wild at least, the ones raised or in touch with most of the people on the planet itself might approach looking for food or trying to get a place to interact with them.

  • Being born and raised by a force user allows them to bond with them. Sometimes in a way that they will become a fierce protector and companion of that individual. The bond can create a bridge with them being able to sense each others emotions and even mentally connect to one another. If either dies it can be felt or even dangerous depending on the level of force bond

Found on Rhen Var periodically, the Kreea are considered a rare sight outside of the small encampments that might raise one or two for foraging domestically. Once the Silver Watch came to the planet and started to try and restore parts of the world and make it fit for people to live and learn on the world they became more and more common. Their beast tamers who brought silverwings and jakobeasts worked with them to try and learn all that they could. Noting their affinity for sniffing out and finding tombs or caves where force crystals and objects can be. With the force itself being one of the homes to rare solari crystals they have been described as a proto tuk'ata from before the creatures were corrupted by the darkside. Semi intelligent as they can sense hostility and understand when spoken to, with the ability to bond with a force user. The designation they have on the world itself let them be seen almost as guardians on the world, finding caves and tombs that the jedi discover and use. Protecting the graves so they are not disturbed in most of the cases with their claws and teeth.
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