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Approved Tech Krag's Graug-Sith Armor

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The Black Flame
Image Credits: http://th06.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2012/102/0/3/daedric_armor_details_by_blueraven90-d4slaz8.jpg

Intent: To create an armor that progresses Krag’s storyline and shows his unique take one what a Sith should be as well as creating an armor that cannot be reproduced.

Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Spire Forge

Model: Sith Alchemistic Armor

Affiliation: Sith Empire (Krag)

Modularity: Yes (some weapons can be changed out for the future or pieces down the line)

Production: Unique

  • Turadium (Primary armor)
  • Sullust leather (to prevent chafing)
  • Unaltered Flexsteel (at joints)
  • Shell spider silk (cloak/cape)
Classification: Multipurpose

Weight: 105kg

Quality: 10

Other Feature(s):
  • Wrist mounted datapad
  • Ear comlink
  • Caries vials
  • Utility belt
  • Multiple hard cases

  • Saber resistance (Alchemically enhanced turadium)
  • Blaster resistance (Alchemically enhanced turadium)
  • Minor impact/piercing
  • Alchemically enhanced

Designed to clash the look and power of ancient Sith armor with the mencacing designs of ancient Graug armor, Krag’s armor is meant to instill fear in all who lay eyes upon it. The forging of the armor took what Balayla learned from her father and applied it to creation of the armor. When she entered the empire and the service of the then Dark Councilor Kaine she began building armor and weapons for the blackblade legions at the behest of her master who was teaching her sith alchemy.

After the taking of Bastion and initial creation of the armor the real test came in the form of Lord Krag. His task for her to create a suit of armor for him and show her talent after the powerful Spire Forge was created because two fold. Now she had the time to create not just her own suit but a suit designed for the powerful Graug Sith Lord whom the entire sector bowed before.

And that is what they did deep in the underground forge as the magma heated the metals and the Caries cooled it, the unseelie slaves shambling around to provide a larger darkside taint and aura to draw upon. Balaya's alchemical powers and prowess being tested without Kaine's supervision but using all the lessons he had taught her about imbuing the force into items and bending the galaxy to your will to do it.

Boots and leggings: The boots, like the rest of the armor, are made with turadium that has been enhanced with Sith Alchemy. The bottoms of the boots are strong and made for crushing the skulls of enemies under foot and would make short work of most anything Krag needed to step on. However, the flexsteel that surrounds the sides and back of the knee is not altered through Sith Alchemy and is highly subsiptable to light saber and blaster damage.

Groin and Waste armor: A cod piece is worn around the groin that, like the boots, is made of Turadium with a leather interior. Covering this groin piece is a long loin cloth-like turadium flap that offers grater protection of the groin and buttocks areas. Above the groin piece is a large turadium seal that acts as the center piece for the whole armor and is the place where the utility belt fits into place. The area lining the waist is made of a leather that is easily cut through with a lightsaber or burned through with a blaster.
Belt: A flexsteel belt wraps around a portion of Krag’s waist and is a clash of primitive design and futuristic adoptions. For instance, a built in hook on the belt is but a large piece of turadium that was forged perfectly to hold Krag’s Sith Sword. The belt is also able to hold Krag’s lightsaber and other utilities that may be needed in the field.

Chest Piece: The chest piece is a rather simple plate of pure tiradium that has been modified with Sith Alchemy. The plate is highly resistant to all forms of attack and is efficient at absorbing the impacts of most attacks. However, the weakness of this piece comes in the form of the large openings in the arm pits of the armor to prevent chaffing. These openings under the arms are not covered and are prime targets for lightsaber swings or blaster fire. The armor torso also covers most of Krag’s neck from sweeping blows but a hole in the front allows for saber stabs and blaster fire directly into the beast’s neck.
Gloves and Shoulders: The shoulders of the armor are spiked to give an intimidating appearance but can also be used for offensive attacks if the user thrusts or slashes them at the enemy. There is also a flaw between the second and third plate on each arm, the flaw being a gap. This gap is easily exploitable with blaster fire or lightsaber strikes, if they can squeeze in between the gap. The gloves leave Krag’s the undersides of Krag’s hands (including palms, fingers, claws etc) open for attack so that the beast can still use his pyrokinetic powers.
  • Left Glove: The left glove is a solid under plate with a wrist mounted tactical pad designed to serve additional armor functions. A communications Interface to contact and coordinate with the Sith.

Helmet: The helmet is nothing but a simple (and alchemically enhanced) piece of tiradium that offers no high tech innovations but leaves Krag’s eyes open to attack.
  • Highly resistant to saber/blaster attacks
  • Alchemically enhanced
  • Offers nearly full body protection
  • Heavy armor
  • Electronic elements vulnerable to EMP
  • Causes Krag to be much slower
  • Limited range of movement
  • Unmistakable darkside aura and taint
  • Cannot sneak around

Sargon Vynea

Spencer's guard unicorn
1. given Krag's size I think the weight is a little on the low side
2. I'd like to see more work on the forging ... this is hardcore armor and given that I'd like to see some more development please

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