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Approved Location Kothlis Administration Building

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Kothlis Administration Building

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Classification: Administration Building/Moffs residence

Location: Located on one of the atolls near the capital

Affiliation: Bruce Aar/Imperial Remnant

Description: The Building is a maze of headquarters for the different sectors of the administration of the planet including the headquarters of the system army and navy in the upper parts of the complex. Moff Bruce Aars luxurious residence is also in the complex along with his office though only a trusted few know were they are located. The control centre of the planet is also in the building making it a target for hostiles resulting in the addition of 3 ground to orbit turbolasers and countless security personnel and ships patrolling the nearby areas. The building itself is a combination of modern design and functionality spanning the cliffs on the side of the small island on which it sits. There are also bunkers in the centre of the island that can be sealed off using blast doors in case of attacks. There are many landing pads dotted around to make it easy to get around to different parts of the massive building

History: The building was constructed when the imperial remnant took the planet as a planetary administration building. The location was chosen due to its closeness to the capital and how the islands around it where deserted. Bruce Aar contributed heavily with the design adding features that he thought would make the design better for him. The building is mainly a control and administration centre helping to control run the planet.

Intent: To create a house/base for Bruce.

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As it stands, there is not very much detail in this submission and the details that are present are difficult to read.

Please expand upon both the history and description sections. You will also need to pay more attention to grammar and general legibility; the entire "history" section is a run-on sentence prone to being redundant.

Zeradias Mant

Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Please include at least one paragraph on the structure's history. Detail how it came to be created and why. Talk about the people involved in this structure's history and what role it played and still plays.
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