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Korvo Rykis

"Why in the galaxy would I rob a hard-working civilian of twenty credits when I can rob a spice dealer of ten-thousand? And funny enough he can't go to the Governor or Gendarmerie."
Name: Korvo Aeten Rykis
Alias(s): Baphom Prospero (Assumed Name), Lucius, Baphom, Prospero, FN-87
Age: 23
Race: Human (Cybernetic-Enhanced)
Culture: First Imperial
Skill(s): Marksmanship, Mechanic, First Aid, Commlink Communication, Field Craft, Camouflage and Concealment, Survival and Evasion, Flying, Slicing, Echani Martial Fighting[SIZE=11pt], [/SIZE]Zavat[SIZE=11pt], [/SIZE]Falleen Martial Fighting[SIZE=11pt].[/SIZE]
Rank: Contractor
Title(s): Contractor, Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, Murderer.
Force Sensitivity: No

Cybernetic Enhancement(s):
Physical Description: Korvo's figure is denied of any body-fat by a strict exercise regimen and the physically demanding nature of his contracting and underworld criminal work, his physique is olympian and his breath deep and powerful like a beast of burden with broad hands, squared shoulders and a pair of long muscled thighs supporting his weight. Korvo stands at about 2.16m (7'1") tall marking him a giant amongst men and is one of his defining characteristics. Korvo's eyes are a piercing azure blue with light brown hair crowning his head defined by angular and sharp features, his body is covered almost entirely in Tattoos with the exception of his face, hands, feet and neck so as to minimize the amount of identifying features when wearing civilian attire where he usually exclusively wears formal wear or long sleeves and trousers to conceal the tattoos. Which range from the violent, beautiful, profane and indecent; What Korvo considered to be a microcosm of his somewhat tragic life in art form. Beneath the haunting countenance of Lucius' Nightmare some find Korvo's face to be attractive with its smooth complexion, angular features and piercing blue eyes.
Gender: Male
Build: Athletic (Approx. 138 Kilogram, 304 .lbs)
Skin Colour: Light
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Uncommon or Specific Features?:
  • Eyes emit a subtle glow that shines an emerald green in low-light situations as a result of his cybernetics.
  • Full-body tattoos that cover his torso, abdomen and limbs with the exception of his hands,feet, face and neck.
  • Several scars indicative of blaster wounds on the upper arms and thighs.
  • Scars across torso that indicate Korvo has been attacked with bladed weapons on several occasions.
  • Incidence of lacerations scars indicative of invasive incision across the torso and beneath the arms in several locations, concealed on casual observation by tattoos.
Character Personality: Korvo is characterised by periods of reclusiveness followed by equally lengthy time frames of socialisation. When reclusive Korvo is often overcome by feelings of melancholy with an unwavering sense of guilt and anxiety, accompanied by self-loathing. In his social 'cycle' Korvo becomes lurid and spritely almost disturbingly so and goes on a "High" that at some point will end and the character becomes reclusive again. When Lurid, Korvo speaks and thinks extremely quickly and often makes it difficult for other individuals to "Keep up" with him, his whole thought process is chaotic and disorderly. Korvo is often subjected to material hallucinations, hearing, seeing and even smelling things that aren't actually present. He's a very tense, anxious and stressed individual and so avoids stimulants or depressants like Alcohol, Caffeine or recreational drugs as he often becomes nigh-uncontrollable under their effects. As a result, Korvo has an unreasoning hatred for unlawful spice dealers, drug dealers, slavers and 'women beaters' the last perhaps more than any other after serving time in prison and being subjected to the seedy underbelly of the Galaxy.

Character Habits/Quirks:
  • Babbles to himself inanely when alone in prayer to the Force, begging for forgiveness.
  • Lies to conceal his underlying sense of morality and ethics, for fear of it being viewed as weakness. Korvo doesn't make targets of Civilians when he commissions crimes and intensely dislikes the use of human shields if said shield is a citizen or extorting the 'little guy'. The same can't be said for large corporations who Korvo would happily rob and cheat.
  • Robs spice dealers on civilised planets and gives the credits to the destitute and impoverished on the street.
  • Distinguished by his left-handed shooting which helps to identify Korvo from similar Mercenaries or copy-cats. Korvo uses this to his advantage in close-range standoffs and fights with Melee weapons as it can catch even the experienced combatant off-guard.
  • Korvo has a distinct dislike for Mandalorian warriors who he views as being all bluster and no skill lost in the glory of their own legends and history as 'tough guys' when they'll bleed just as easily as everybody else.
Character Backstory:
"There's only one thing better than one Dissuader pistol; Two of the blasted things, heck yeah."
  • Korvo's story started when he was born as one of two twins, his family were refugees from the core's One Sith Empire and found relative safety in the unknown region world of Dosuun for years. Korvo raised in a local school alongside his sister Korvia whom Korvo held a very close relationship with. Their new home ended up besieged by a gang of slavers triggering an evacuation into a more centralised urban community, the evacuation starts while Korvo was at school. Korvo did not reunite with his family on that day and instead found himself in the care of a particularly compassionate Government Officer on a shuttle, Korvo becomes incensed with hatred for Slavers and thanks to this public servant; Korvo's opportunity for revenge came, and the distraught boy took it unconditionally, not knowing the training would rob him of childhood and all he could have been to transform into a killing machine.

  • Korvo is shipped to a First Imperial training academy and commences the selection process for the Stormtrooper Corps he was among the oldest candidates, roughly nine years old and placed him with a certain physical advantage in the short-term of training. Korvo was rather unremarkable for a candidate, competent in small unit tactics and attentive if slightly restless and suffering from Psychological damage resulting in Survivor's guilt that he never quite overcomes. One of Korvo's notable qualities is a certain tenacity and ferocity in unarmed and melee combat, able to take down two other "average" candidates at any given time or one particularly lethal one. His personality developed around this time and was pegged by Psychologists as particularly protective and clannish with his team, who he came to view as a surrogate family as a coping mechanism. Korvo's developing obsession with martial fighting is driven by a desire to be more than capable of killing aggressors despite being disarmed and revealed early on a disposition towards Paranoia.

  • Thanks to Korvo's rather advanced age at the time when he passes selection, he starts to experience the results physiological adolescence in Humans quite quickly; Becoming temporarily stronger and faster than his fellow cadets. Due to an administrative error on the part of military personnel Korvo loses the use of both his eyes during a training accident and has them replaced with cybernetics, putting him out of training for roughly a year until Korvo's team leader disclosed they'd received deployment orders with the rest of their regiment to board a Victory-class cruiser for a tour on the Borders of First Order space as part of practical training for integration aboard a warship in an expeditionary capacity. During the tour, the cruiser is attacked by a small pirate flotilla and the cadets unwillingly become involved in the ensuing conflict aboard the ship after boarding parties breach the hull. It was terrifying and only Korvo and one other member of his section survive the ordeal and for the both of them to suffer symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

"I'm not a tough guy, but I've broken a lot of men who thought they were tough guys."
  • Korvo doesn't recover from his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder easily and begins to soak up an unusual amount of resources to help with treatment for symptoms associated with the mental illness. As it deepened so did his non-conformity and non-compliance increase; Demanding to have the serial numbers of his fallen comrades immortalized with tattoos on his arms, the public scolding and lambasting from his training officers did not dissuade the young man from the course of action; He'd become detached, were it no for the overt mental illness and non-conformity he would have made an excellent Stormtrooper, at least in the eyes of his peers. It is decided Korvo's mastery of disarmed fighting doesn't outweigh the cost associated with ongoing counselling and psychiatric treatment and it was a careful and reluctant decision made to discharge him from the Stormtrooper Corps. Korvo lost adrift a sea of faces does the only thing he'd thought about since the day his team were inadvertently killed by the actions of those pirates; Goes to exact harsh revenge, buying a single Slugthrower pistol, one magazine, some supplies and a one-way ticket to Tatooine. Korvo goes on the warpath to a litany of prayers trapped in a pit of despair.

  • Prowling through the streets of Mos Eisley Korvo searches for his prey amongst the festering hive of scum; Pirates, Smugglers and Slavers. Were he a Stormtrooper still wearing the white armour and wielding an F-11D he deduces differentiation between civilian and lawful targets would be easy. The ones in rags were slaves and everybody else was slave owners or some other figure of disrepute and therefore fair game. Korvo finds himself entering the Mos Eisley cantina and earning a few sideways glances from the patrons; Looking out of place in his leather jacket and camouflaged trousers and the tunic beneath the jacket. Approaching the bar, Korvo caught the attention of the bartender and the young man dropped the name of a notorious pirate group. The Bartender's response was a simple cock in the head of a direction of three men; A Trandoshan, Weequay and Human playing a game of cards. Korvo smiles and gives a simple nod, approaching the men who clutch their blasters with Korvo's approach. The young man asks if he could join the three inebriated men in their game, the Weequay reluctantly consents and Korvo sits amongst them facing the rounded table. An hour or so passes and talk about their lives; Confirming Korvo's suspicions, these were the men who brazenly attacked his Victory cruiser in days passed. At their own admissions for food as they were starving. Korvo finally reveals the pertinent details to his presence on that same Victory-class cruiser as a Stormtrooper Cadet before rising from his seat and executing each of the three men in full view of the cantina's patrons. Before leaving, Korvo searched the men for valuables and shamelessly steals their credits, starship access cards and a second dissuader pistol from the Weequay man.

  • Korvo steals the Human's pirates ship; A Gozanti-class cruiser which Korvo dubs the "Hellhound" after modifying its' IFF signature. Rummaging through his new vessel's cargo bay he finds the components of what would come to create his signature countenance; Lucius's Nightmare. Korvo in one fell swoop had received everything he needed to begin his mercenary and bounty hunting career. A modest pile of credits but the capital to take on jobs; Starting small time he prowls through the Outer Rim territories taking contracts from various criminals and criminal organisations including the Hutt Clans with only two self-imposed rules guiding his conduct; Be polite to clients, civilians and no working with slavers. The imposing Human man found ample opportunity working as a standover man; Extorting spice dealers, stim dealers the kind of "sole proprietors" peddling their wares with creditors of dubious moral and ethical character. These creditors were the men who would hire out Korvo's services under his assumed name of "Baphom Prospero" who had become notorious for his reputation as an assassin and standover man between the Arkanis and Kessel sector. Korvo became readily identifiable by the countenance his equipment and physique gave him, with his hi-sense eyes burning through the darkness of the nights from which he strikes.

"There are two things I hate more than anything else in the universe; Women beaters and slavers."
  • The stars become Korvo's home and perhaps he spends more time in space than with his boots pressed against the terrestrial soil of planets, with his reputation as Baphom growing so do the steaks of the jobs he takes; This particular job sees him taking on a contract from a Coruscanti businessman and politician who had an extremely dangerous enemy; A former One Sith Chiss Commando turned mercenary who had a personal grudge to settle with the man. The Chiss Commando named "Halen" unknown to the diplomat was a former associate of Korvo's, one whom he shared a mutual respect for and given Halen's suspected location on Coruscant Korvo made his ways to the lower levels and out of dignity arranged a meeting with Halen who had already guessed its' meaning through trusted Korvo enough not to shoot the masked Human the moment they laid eyes on one another. Halen and Korvo exchanged words together, Korvo warning Halen that he'd been contracted to kill the commando turned mercenary. The two decided to settle the contract in a duel of sorts through a derelict space station located in the expansion region, overcome with smugglers, pirates and raiders.

  • Korvo tracks Halen throughout the station; Unconcerned with bystanders for there wasn't exactly any innocent women and children on the station, these were hardened criminals much like himself and for his self-loathing, he would show them no concern or mercy for any pain they experienced from his actions. For three days Korvo and Halen did their battle throughout the station; Korvo out of ammo and forced to use the poor quality weapons carried by smugglers and mercenaries continued chasing Halen any smugglers or mercs that weren't killed in the crossfire had already evacuated the station would want to leave with the life support having been taken offline. Korvo trapped his Chiss rival in a station infirmary, to try and ensure the blue-skinned man's demise Korvo made his way to the reactor room and proceeded to disable the core by blasting all the control terminals with a hand-cannon type blaster pistol before he makes haste to the hanger boarding the Hellhound and blasting off into space, turning to face the station he watches; Scanning for any other ships leaving the station. Nothing. Korvo watches the station explode in a near blinding flash reducing it to dust, Korvo plots a course for Coruscant to give his client the good news, but before he gets halfway Korvo receives a message from Halen reading "Better luck another time, friend." Soliciting a chuckle from Korvo who arrives on Coruscant to deliver the news to his client; Halen is alive and greatly upset. It landed Korvo a personal detail position for the diplomat indefinitely. Along with a generous suite of Cybernetics to enhance his combat prowess significantly; Korvo becoming more dangerous than any mere Human.

  • One too many shakedowns standovers and assassinations finally catch up with Korvo and he finds himself landing a place in a Coruscant penitentiary and serves six months of a two-year prison sentence after being convicted under the name of "Baphom Prospero" for resisting arrest and assaulting police. Korvo's defence was an allegation that the underworld police he assaulted were corrupt and being paid off to put the boot into the civilians in their jurisdiction and extorting credits from the little guy. Ironically, Korvo's own diplomat paid off a few people in Coruscant's judicial system to secure his best bodyguard's early release. During his time in prison, he collected a number of scars after being assaulted once or twice for his decidedly 'anti-social' behaviour amongst the prison population, targeting fellow inmates depending on their crimes. Shortly afterwards Korvo's client died of natural causes and was left a healthy amount of credits as part of the man's estate for services faithfully rendered. Korvo returns home to the Unknown regions with the Hellhound purchasing a home for himself and seeking employment with an up and coming military contracting company; ApeX.
Character Affiliation:
Character Future: Korvo will probably be prowling throughout the galaxy in his small cruiser and participating in military contracting work with ApeX Security Consultancy Company and engage in Standover man tactics to make some money off of the opulent and wealthy criminals that prowl throughout the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions.
  • Psychological Instability: Experiencing symptoms for a myriad of mental illnesses from prolonged trauma at such a young age; Korvo's hallucinations and his habit of talking to himself to name just two, he can be unnecessarily belligerent and unpredictable. The manic behaviour Korvo exhibits compound the problem created by an already short fuse leading to a poor and extremely violent temper. It is fortunate only that Korvo doesn't take his anger out on civilians, only the scum of the galaxy; Like himself. This leads Korvo to unnecessary or entirely avoidable conflicts for the normal person but sometimes engenders pity from observers who can see what he is at the core; A broken man lost in a sea of loathing and disgust.
  • Ion-Weapons: With most of Korvo's internal organs either replaced or augmented with cybernetics he is extremely vulnerable to the effects of Ion Weapons; The kind of weapons used to disable droids, if Korvo is struck with weapons of this variety he will experience a number of debilitating cardiovascular issues including cardiac arrest or irregular heartbeat that will quickly lead to unconsciousness and even death. Unfortunately, the weapons are easily concealable and not readily identifiable but on the flip-side of that equation most individuals wouldn't think to attack an ostensibly Human man with an Ion Blaster unless suspicious, outright aware of cybernetic enhancement or have no other and more perceived effective weapon available.
  • Disarmed Fighting: Korvo is trained in no less than three different martial fighting disciplines and makes for an extremely difficult opponent to face without a weapon; Korvo has no real holes in his disarmed fighting repertoire. Korvo has trained in Falleen and Echani martial fighting in addition to already being a childhood zavat prodigy, getting up-close and personal with Korvo is a decidedly bad idea even for the experienced force wielder or master martial fighting practitioner. Combined with Korvo's height he can easily block strikes and kicks from significantly shorter opponents with his legs alone and strike over a greater distance with his long sinewy arms. Korvo lives for close-quarters fighting and is often creative with turning his environment against opponents.
  • Freak of nature: The cybernetic-enhanced Human male that is Korvo has survived being blasted and stabbed on more than one occasion, he has startling resilience that goes beyond that what is normally possible augmented by a myriad of cybernetics and subdermal armour located on his torso; Korvo's physical strength and endurance are well beyond human and indeed most organic humanoid species in the Galaxy; resulting in a more dangerous opponent than Korvo would otherwise appear. In his past Korvo has been attacked and thought dead by rivals or hitmen only to return and murder the same person who tried to execute a contract for his life before tracking down the man who authored it, to begin with. Korvo's reaction time has been greatly decreased and as a result he's especially dangerous in standoff situations and close-quarters combat.
NPCs Commanded: None.


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