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Korva Kingston


(History and background is still very much a work in progres.)

Name: Korva Kingston
Faction: Black Sun Syndicate
Rank: None yet
Species: Anzati
Age: She isn’t exactly sure but around 230 Years.
Sex: Female
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 128 lbs
Eyes: Right eye is of a piercing sky blue iris and the left is snow white.
Hair: Midnight black razor cut chin length.
Skin: White
Force: None

Strengths and Weaknesses:
Korva has lived for the past two hundred and thirty years in secrecy. She is strong in the ways of convicting and manipulation. As a trained combatant, Korva is skilled in hand to hand combat and melee fighting relying heavily on dexterity but does summon a healthy amount of strength. Korva’s weakness is usually her lack of trusting others out of fear. She knows how her people are often considered among the other sentients. Despite this, she often tries to control her urges to feed on the life force of others as she attempts to use more friendlier means of satisfying her needs.
Kingston was born roughly 230 years ago on Anzat. Just as many of her kind have, she was selected for assassin training. Korva was proven quite effected at a younger age than most and eventually selected for the elite upper level of assassination work. Once she reached the age of a hundred, she left Anzat per custom as she had became of age. Korva spend decades working as a freelance bounty hunter tracking down some of the most invasive criminals known in the galaxy. Longing for something new, she developed an interest in the shadier practices that took place behind the curtains of the galaxy. As of lately, she had gone out searching for contacts within the infamous Black Sun Syndicate.
Ship: None yet.
Kills: None
Bounties: No PC bounties.