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Kolab Morcant

Kolab Morcant


Name: Kolab Morcant

Faction: The Republic Remnant

Rank: Private - 2nd Army of the Republic

Species: Karkarodon

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Height: 6’9”

Weight: Lanky

Eyes: Black, lively and alert

Skin: Navy blue with splashes of white around the hands, feet, neck and mouth.

Force Sensitive: As force sensitive as a hunk of sandstone.

Homeworld: Karkaris

+Agreeable: Collaboration over confrontation when it comes to working with squadmates on or off the battlefield. Working in sync with others through a joint effort is the most effective way to accomplish the mission.
+Energetic: In the thick of the firefight or back at barracks after the mission, he always has it cranked up to 11.
+Most likely to win the gold in the 200m butterfly: Put him in during the big race at the galactic olympics.
-Overambitious: Hungry for recognition as well as a challenged, along with the promotions that come with it. This desire to throw himself into hazardous situations for the glory is certainly something that can be seen as foolhardy.
-Theatrical: All the world's a stage, and this shark boy makes the most of it. For better or worse. Usually for worse.
-Impatient: This is the opposite side of the coin for being energetic. He sure ain't one to sit around idle.
-Chews with his mouth open: Best to not sit next to him at the mess hall.
-Takes FOREVER at the dentist: Better to just reschedule your appointment if you see this sharkboy ahead of you.

Appearance: What’s that in the water? A Gungan? A Quarren? A pissed off Nabooian fish-monster? Not even close! It is...a Karkarodon! Tall, slim with a slight hunch Kolab bears those unmistakable characteristics of the amphibian race from Karkaris.

The only things that distinguish this Karkarodon would be the broken pattern of rich, navy blue skin being interrupted with splashes of white across those webbed hands and feet, along with another splash across the neck and face. Secondly would be the trio of missing teeth on the back, lower right side of his jaw, with the teeth parallel to them having been chipped three fourths of the way. As it would turn out, using the strategy of ‘bite everything’ isn’t very effective when it comes to durasteel. Lesson learned.

Biography: Born and raised on the ocean planet of Karkaris out in the outer rim territories, excitement was something in short supply. True the turbulent seas and native species that served as prey for the Karkarodon would be thrilling for someone born on a dusty, barren world such as Tatooine. But when you have nothing but fish every day, year after year it drives the adventurous stir-crazy.

As opposed to joining a gang of bandits or pirates in an effort to travel the galaxy and explore strange, new worlds Kolab sought out the Republic Remnant. Not only would it enable him to be a force for good, it brought about the same perks of exploration and steady employment that pirating carried with it. Without the chance of being vaporized by local law enforcement of course. As long as they didn’t exclusively serve fish, it was a perfect match.

Primary weapon: RR KA-D12 Assault Scatter Gun/ RR-LRB 'Suppressor' Model 32
Secondary: RR-22 Directed Ordinance Launcher
Armor: Standard Republic Remnant Infantry Armor, minus boots, gloves and helmet.