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Kol Varad


"It is in the real world that we truly prove ourselves worthy of the title Jedi."
NAME: Kol Varad
RANK: Jedi Master
SPECIES: Near-Human (Morellian)
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 225 Ibs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Light
[+] Devotion: Despite how he may come off, his intentions are pure in the fact that he really believes he's working for the greater good. Whether it be a personal mission, his family, friends...once he's set, he's set and will not stop until he gets his desired outcome.

[-/+] Inherent Aggression: He can be very aggressive, and he's quick to anger. As he's been able to check himself for years, channeling it into other remains an issue he struggles to find solutions for as he gets older.

[-/+] Force Bonds: He has a natural propensity for forming Force-bonds with those who could feel the Force and those who could barely feel it as well. The strength and extent of these bonds are usually used subconsciously, and in a positive manner. However, if tainted then he can become somewhat of a leech.

[-] Inherited Gene Mutation: Common to his bloodline, he was born with a gene mutation that he inherited through his parentage. Members of his family are at a higher risk of developing cancer as they grow older.

Kol is a man of action - blunt, stern, impulsive and straightforward. He has an uncanny ability to hold true to his decisions and make others accept them. Regarded as cold and militant by his fellow Jedi, Kol always advocated for the use of aggressive force in punishing those who disrupted law and order. Nevertheless, he is loyal to the Jedi Order though he does disagree with them from time to time.

Confident in his talent and abilities to the point of arrogance, he is fanatically committed to the idea and thought of a stable Galactic Republic. He strongly believes that direct military action is necessary to keep such ideals alive. He sometimes believes that he can single-handedly end most threats posed to the galaxy.

Although his Master advocated for him to let go of his hate and anger, for fear that he'd be consumed by the dark side of the Force, Kol failed to. His anger, hate, and impatience can often be sensed by other Force-users. Despite this, he's never fell to the dark side, instead he channels his feelings to accomplish successes in other areas. As a Jedi, he pushes himself extremely hard to fulfill his burning desire to measure up to the resounding victories he often sees himself gain in his mind. Due to his blunt nature, he cares very little for diplomacy, and often makes decisions based on practicality rather than morality; this sometimes brings him into conflict with his peers.

However, as much as he denies it, he has become more and more consumed by his anger. His inability to control his emotions is not a new struggle for him, but finding new ways to center himself is...If he doesn't it could lead to his downfall.
  • Kol was trained by one of the most prominent Jedi Instructors of her time, who also culminated his ascension to Knighthood. It's safe to say he has been exposed to multiple forms of lightsaber combat, but unlike his former Master he chose to specialize in Shii-Cho as its simplicity, and rawness fit his straightforward, and aggressive personality. He had considerable promise with the lightsaber, and in the later stages he grew more formidable as he was able to easily trounce any of his Master's other apprentices. However, he has picked up the basic of Ataru and thus incorporates some of its applications into his own personal form. He uses the form in a manner that allows her to fare well against multiple opponents, but not to detract from dealing with a single adversary as his master stressed addressing weaknesses when it came to lightsaber combat.
  • Like many other Force-sensitives she possess many basic applications that are generally understood and used across the board. Never spending tons of times in this area, as he prefers dealing with conflict with physicality, he possess very little unique skills in this area. Naturally gifted with the power of Precognition, he's often prone to visions of the past or present; he lacks complete control. Other abilities in his repertoire extend to his natural predisposition to form Force bonds; an innate ability. He can influence, and communicate through this ability to which he's learning to understand. Beyond that, he maintains knowledge in the first Force Form as instructed by his former Master who mastered them all.


Born in interstellar space during the galaxy wide war between the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire, it was within the
first six months after his birth, that Kol identified as a Force-sensitive and was taken to the then galactic capital of Coruscant to train at the Jedi Temple and become a Jedi. Training during a period of wartime when most of the Jedi were on the front lines, he was one of many to study under Jedi Master Sochi Ru, an instructor at the temple when she wasn't in the field.

During his training, his gruff and forthright personality was sometimes off putting but regardless he always seemed to be able to win people over in what seemed like unnatural ways. Sochi saw his potential, and tried to steer him away from using his aggression as an answer to all things but nevertheless Kol did things his own way. Yet, no one doubted Kol's commitment and loyalty to both the Republic and the Jedi, or his courage, as he always volunteered for the most dangerous and hazardous assignments.

In the later stages of his training, Kol had become one of Sochi's most successful apprentices alongside many of her other students such as Shmi Labooda. Joining his fellow Jedi in some of the most deadly offensives that helped wrap up the war, he returned to Coruscant and was elevated to the rank of Jedi Knight. His ascension into Knighthood came at a time of varying opinions on the state of the Jedi and their role within the Republic. However, Kol was a staunch supporter of the Republic and thus remained after the Schism long into the war with the One Sith.

At some point, Kol stepped away from Jedi duties and raised a family after falling for a refugee woman a few years prior. He lived his life in solitude before pirates raided his home and burned it to ash. He lost both his wife and son in the skirmish and possibly the only thing holding back his anger. Recommitting to the Jedi in full, he'd travelled to Alderaan after hearing about the emergence of the Sith Empire. There he discovered [member="Aten Ramses"] near death. Kol nursed the boy back to life and thus subsequently began to train him in the ways of the Jedi; he sees his deceased son in Aten.