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Approved Tech Kochen-A Implant

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Intent: to create an implant that is required to utilize a new series of vehicle produced by Tenloss
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Manufacturer: Tenloss Corporation
Affiliation: Tenloss Corporation, Tenloss Syndicate, Closed Market
Model: Kochen-A
Modularity: None outside of size scaling for different users
Production: Limited

Material: Alusteel, durasteel, Duraplast, electronic components


  • Requires surgical implantation
  • Visible externally
  • Susceptible to ion/EMP
  • Requires direct line to vehicle to function.
  • Replaces dominant eye
  • Requires external connection port


  • Allows direct interface into vehicles sensor array for direct input/output of information into cerebral cortex, eliminating the need for a HUD or HUD controls.
  • Implant includes specialized and enhanced processors to speed up reaction times in vehicle.
  • Fits humans and near-humans


  • Requires extensive surgery to implant.
  • Very visible; only marginally concealable.
  • Ion/EMP damage to vehicle can and often does cause neuroelectrical feedback to users nervous system with pain/damage depending on strength/consistency of feedback.
  • Only compatible with computer and vehicle systems specially designed to function with implant.
  • Incompatible with non-humans


The Kochen-A implantation is a new field for Tenloss and its subsidiaries as it shifts industrial focus with the ever-changing galaxy. Designed for a more streamlined connection between vehicle and operator, the Kochen implant allows the user to view, comprehend, and output commands without the need for a HUD or HUD analogue. The implant also allows a user competent and trained with the device to increase reaction time as the vehicle’s pilot by utilizing specialized and advanced microprocessors incorporated into the device.

Unfortunately, the device is sensitive to EMP/Ion damage both directly and indirectly. Direct damage to the device or user can cause pain and physical damage relative to the strength or consistency of the electrical attack. In addition, electrical damage to the vehicle such as direct impact with ion/EMP attacks as well as electrical feedback from typical damage that severs or overloads vehicle power plants can also cause painful neuroelectrical damage to the user.

The implant requires a basic surgical procedure to mount the device within the cranial cavity of the recipient* as well as the removal and replacement of the recipient’s dominant eye. Once implanted, the Kochen-A can show an internalized HUD over the user’s vision without the need for any kind of projection. In addition, the device features an external port at the rear base of the skull, just above the neck, for connection purposes with any compatible vehicle**.

*The Kochen-A implant is only available for humans and near-humans at this time***.
**The Kochen-A implant is only compatible with vehicles designed to connect to the implant itself and cannot be connected to any vehicle that is not designed for the implant**.
***Tenloss is not responsible for any injury, maiming, death, or neuroelectrical lobotomization caused by the incorrect usage or implantation of the Kochen-A Implant.
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