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Know Your Limits (Looking for a Master)

Eenes Kokad

The training room buzzed with activity.

Eenes smiled at a small group of awed younglings holding their training sabers for the first time. It was not so long ago that that was me, the Quarren reminded herself. How far one comes in a few short years. She nodded at them and stepped to an empty corner of the room, calling a remote with the push of a button. Her blade sprung to life with a snap-hiss, and she began to dance.
After a few minutes of dodging or blocking the stun bolts, she decided to ramp things up a notch. Without breaking her concentration on the hovering droid, she pushed the button to summon another. Before long, she was circling and spinning to keep her Soresu style up to pace with the pair of droids firing on her.
And now it's time to push myself. Without taking either hand from her blade, she pushed the button again with the Force. A third droid approached and began hurling stun bolts with the other two. It was all she could do to keep up with them, but she managed to keep from being hit. This is going better than I expected. Perhaps I'm ready to...
Her leg fell out from underneath her.
Eenes fell to her knees and rolled as another barrage of bolts pounded the ground. She stood unsteadily, keeping the blade between her and the now clumped droids. Her leg tingled as it slowly came back to life. Or perhaps not. The next volley of shots were deflected back towards the droids, and two of them ceased fire upon being hit by the bolts. It took her a few moments to deflect the third's shot back into itself.
Massaging her thigh, she commanded the droids to return and deactivated her lightsaber. She needed to meditate, but not here (for obvious reasons). The Room of a Thousand Fountains would be more peaceful.

Saran Drast

Saran was in the back end of the Room when @[member="Eenes Kokad"] entered. She had hoped for a little more quiet before being interrupted. Sighing, she let go of her sight, and let herself float in the force. She saw the room, but it was..... off.the other padawan sat. Coming back, Saran was shocked to find that the padawan had done just that.