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Kiris Grimoire-Republic Navy

Kiris Grimoire

Crime and Punishment

NAME: Kiris Grimoir
FACTION: Galactic Republic (Republic Navy)
RANK: Unknown
AGE: 29
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Light Brown
SKIN: Caucasian/Tan


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Describe in moderate detail the strengths and weaknesses of your character.


Command: Kiris is a strong commander, like all Mandolorians he is capable of being in a leadership role and is a strong combatant yet he is also very well studied in defensive martial arts and is a determined warrior; he will go the distance and is very loyal to his role even so that he will assist or aide an ally whenever needed.

Combatant: Kiris is a string and very determined combatant, his unique applications of martial arts is proven to be a leading but also shining example of self defense and tactics; yet he is also of a strong will and high intelligence.

Diplomacy: Kiris is good with words and will usually try and talk his or others way out of a bad situation, he also believes that words can be twice as deadly as weapons.


Slavery: Kiris is a strong voice against oppression and slavery, he is a unique mandolorian since he does not believe that slavery is a route to anything good, he hates to see people forced into slavery and will always stand up against it.

Force: His mandolorian upbringing depends on his views, he is one who is of a very calm mind and cannot be persuaded to do anything that he would not be intended to do, he doesn't use lethal for unless there is no way to avoid its use and believes that his taser pistols are lethal enough.
Even though he is mandolorian he doesn't believe that killing others rally solves anything and doesn't believe that the use of lethal or deadly force is really a means to an end, and usually will try and find another way around a tough problem rather than using force.


Persuer Enforcement Ship (PES) dubbed the "Jokers Ace".

The Jokers Ace was won in a sabaac tournament when Kiris was nineteen years old, he kept the ship since he seen it as a token of luck, before winning the ship he was low on credits and was a vagabond of a mandolorian; other than the occasional hunting job he performed and made meager living off of he had nothing to his name but when the chance to win something that would amount to some type of prize came upon him he jumped to it, during the tournament his luck changed as he slowly won the tournament and his fortune started looking brighter, towards the end a wealthy mercenary waged his own ship to the winner of the tournament believing that nobody would win it, during the last game of the tournament Kiris had his gambit as he, at the end of the hand pulled a pure sabaac, it was a fools game and he had won, his opponent had nothing in his hand, and when he found out that his opponent; a mandolorian had won the ship he decided to pull his piece and try and end the mandolorians life. Kiris drew his own which was his taser pistol and put two barbs into the man chest rendering his unconscious, taking the ride he left, and headed toward an undisclosed location he found his luck was changing, he changed the name of the ship to the Jokers Ace.


growing up Kiris was taught in the ways of a protector by his old man, as he grew he matured into a rebellious but protective individual that wouldn't allow any harm to come to his allies, he was a dedicated combatant and was even more so the silent type that usually doesn't speak....ever.

he trained in the defensive styles of combat believing that it takes a great warrior to kill but an even greater warrior to defend, his views lead him as he grew to be an outcast among the galaxy and life the life of a space vagabond and not grow attached to anybody or anything; and as he made his way from place-to-place he often was forced to give what little food he had for himself to a family or two, he often was seen as a hermit or a pirate since he was not clean shaven and was always seen trying to haggle at prices.
he never was a good haggler.

During his trip to Nal hutta he won his ship fromm a local thief and smuggler that was infamous for slicing the jugulars of his prey, the man after finding he had lost his ship attempted to get retribution by trying to match his blade against Kiris' intesive defense maneuvering and found that trying to out combat a mandoliran is like triying to out skills a gamoerran with a big rusty just doesn't work out in the end, and the guy left the cantina with several broken bones, later Kiris would feel very aweful for breaking the guy down like he had but he knew there was no avoiding it.

travelling the galaxy he met up with a company that promised he could make a difference and he joined their ranks hoping to one day measure up finally to the man his father once was.





Kiris Grimoire

Crime and Punishment
he's one of my favorite actors in rl, so yea.... I actually have had this character for awhile, almost four months and I've used Ryan the whole time for him.

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