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Kirachi Teoar: The Adorable Nightmare

Kirachi Teoar

Aliit ori'shya tal'din
NAME: Kirachi Teoar
Kira for short.
FACTION: Omega Protectorate
RANK: Unofficial Mascot-in-Training and Cuddle Room Master
SPECIES: Idonian Nexu
AGE: 2 Years (Cub)
SEX: Adorable (Female)
HEIGHT: Roughly 1.4 Feet Tall
WEIGHT: 13 Kilograms
EYES: Bright Red (Natural)
HAIR: White and grey fur, will later get darker and turn brown.
SKIN: Light grey, not normally seen.


+IT'S SO FLUFFY: Nexu cub=cutest thing ever. Kira uses her adorableness to get what she wants, and to appear harmless instead of the 'epic fighter' she is.
+NOT SUSPICIOUS: No one really expects a Nexu to be smart. Most of the time, they're right. But Kira has a higher IQ than the average big cat, and can assist her owner (Val'Rain) in plenty of ways, proving the skeptics wrong time after time.
-MEOW, RAWR, GROWL: Ahem, Kira doesn't speak Basic. And unfortunately not many people are good enough with animals to understand the young cub's meaning. Also, there has yet to be a translation device that works for Nexus.
-YOUNGLING: Kira is still just a cub, and has yet to grow to her full size. This means her claws are shorter, her muscles aren't full developed, and she's a midget compared to the average being.
-WHY DUN U LIEK ME: She's a Nexu. They aren't considered tame animals, and lots of people get scared of her. Plus, she's not allowed in plenty of areas.

Nexu bro. Four eyes, long spit-ended tail, spiky fur, large pointy teeth, and spikes on back of head.

Two years ago Kirachi was born on Ord Mantell, to a happy little Nexu family. Alas, her parents, along with herself, were kidnapped by hunters. They were to be sold off on the black market. However, Val'Rain Sekairo busted the operation, managing to save Kirachi and the others. All were released back into the wild, but the young Nexu didn't stay there for long. She chased after Val, and refused to leave the woman's side. To this day they've been partners of a sort.

NEXU. NO FLYING. But she does tag along with @[member="Val'Rain Sekairo"] in The Starlight Victor.

"ROAR" (Translation: Cuddles, not murders)