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Kinnwyvern (Kinn) Xarjast

Kinn Xarjast

NAME: Kinnwyvern Xarjast
FACTION: Lost Tribe of the Sith
RANK: Sith Tyro
SPECIES: Keshiri
AGE: 19
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5'2"
WEIGHT: 110lbs
EYES: Violet
HAIR: Green
SKIN: Mauve
FORCE SENSITIVE: Most certainly


+ Strong in the Force
+ Great cook
+ Musician and vocalist: Excellent bass player with a lovely singing voice, though she prefers scrak/punk
+ Dead shot with ranged weapons
- Jingositic: believes the Keshiri are the epitome of cultural evolution and will defend that belief loudly and unwaveringly
- Allergic to Wookiees and other furred creatures both sentient and other
- Severely claustrophobic; doesn't even like being in large crowds
- Acts first, thinks second: believes that everything will work out because of her belief in the Force, regardless of circumstance


APPEARANCE: Kinn is a petite spitfire of a girl with bright violet eyes, a shining smile and a sprinkle of freckles.

BIOGRAPHY: Kinnwyvern Xarjast is the daughter of privilege, the daughter of Lady Keeyas Xarjast and her blademaster husband Markon. She is accustomed to the finer things in life and has been schooled in etiquette, dance, riding, and blade work, as well as the Sith traditions of Force use. She enjoys many types of sport, but is most skilled at marksmanship. She is also enjoys flying her personal star yacht, but knows little of maintenance or repair. Her parents are giving her her freedom for the moment, knowing as they do that she needs to be able to spread her wings and find her way, but they also know that their daughter has been brought up to be respectful and patriotic.

As a proud Keshiri, Kinn has now gone for Sith training, where she has found herself drawn to the Sith church. She busies herself with studying Sith doctrine and preparing herself and her fellow Tribespeople for the advancement of the Lost Tribe, and hopes one day to be elevated to the position of High Priestess, Dread Lady of the Church of Will, because a girl's got to have goals.

The Wyvern's Tail, a Horizon-class star yacht





Bad Moon Rising: Kinn presents herself to the Grand Lord of the Lost Tribe and begins her journey
Tenloss Calendar Girls: Because why not?