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Killua Alkyone

Killua Alkyone

Name: Killua Alkyone
Title: The Prince of Kirima
Age: Seven (seven)
Race: Human
Height: 3'10 feet
Weight: I am light
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Skin: Pale
Force Sensitive: Yes

Eager to learn

Can be too generous
Looking for trouble


Killua Alkyone born on the planet of Kirima. He was born in a very wealthy family from the first day, he was getting raised to become great prince of their planet. He has a sister, but she had gone somewhere else a month before he had been born. The moment Killua had opened his eyes, a certain resemblance was seen with his sister. They had the exact same eyes. Never had he not someone near him, private tutors specialized in different age groups, he even started to have a tutor while he was a baby, to figure things out on the world by playing the most childish games as example rolling the ball, trying to walk and many other things. This did not mean that his parents were protective, they were overprotective in his case. He was never allowed to even think of getting into a room where stuff like glass lied without a person near him.

One night, a week after he had learned to walk in the middle of the night. The young boy was able to escape from his bed and started to go onto a walk within his room and what he had done their would soon in the early morning make everyone surprised. The guard noticed the child and quickly lifted him up, “Prince Killua, you little rascal, what are you doing out here? It is not the time to go play. It is sleepy time” The guard said gently while he brought the child back into the room as the blocks and cars were all cleaned up?! The boy had made little towers of his blocks near the wall as if he cleaned it up in such a way and all cars neatly parked into the space on his floor in the square, where they had to be. That very morning his parents were as suspected extremely surprised, the tutoring seemed to be taken a great effect on the child but, one other thing was also in common with his sister, looking for trouble. The boy was out at night and that was to be very bad, but they couldn't ground him since he was still so young, so they were proud and allowed him to just play and learn

Through the years he was starting to show from the age of three that he was willing to help with a whole lot things in the castle. Daily, he visited the cooks to help them with cooking, helping the maids in order to clean up his room most of the time, but also whenever he was outside with his parents and the guards. He took a lot of toys. He wanted to give a lot to his people as he presented them while very badly it was presented, but the toy in perfect state. He walks towards a girl around his age and extends his arms holding a teddy bear in his hands, “Here you go, a pesent~”, he said while smiling showing that one of his front tooth was out currently where was starting to grow a new one, unknowing that the word, he said had to be present instead of how he pronounced it. Everyone gladly accepted the gift the young prince gave towards the children, it placed smiles on the children their faces as it also did on his. His parents knew that it was soon time for him to meet his sister to see how he had grown into a fine young prince.

The years kept on going till the day that he was brought for a surprise visit. The visit towards the sister, he had never seen before.

Killua Alkyone

Reserved for roleplays and maybe other stuff

PS this is the creator one again from Nick Gamastar and Ophelia xD

Kara Avoyos

Princess of Kirima
*squees over little brother*

Killua Alkyone

*Ran to his sister to start the series of hugging and cuddling*

Killua Alkyone

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@[member="Fabula Cavataio"] Why, thank you ma'am~ :D

Kyla Foy

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Killua Alkyone

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