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Kila Cadau

Kila Cadau

Mando Rally Master (With a metal kneecap)
Kila Cadau


NAME: Kila Cadau
FACTION: Mandalorian
RANK: Rally Master
AGE: 23
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs.
EYES: Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Fair but tanned


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Mandalorian Training - Kila grew up as a Mandalorian and trained from the age of eight. Because of this, she is in excellent physical condition and knows her way around blasters, swords, and sniper rifles. Especially the sniper rifles and swords. (STRENGTH)

Female - On those rare occasions that Kila's not in armor, not a lot of people expect that the pretty girl three tables over has already figured out ten ways to kill them with their own shoe. Actually...make that eleven. (STRENGTH)

BLOOD RAAAAAAAGE - Does this really need explaining? It says "blood rage" people, come on. Think combat! And somebody needs to yell at her to snap her out of it. (STRENGTH)

Specialized - Kila's training was highly specialized, and while she's better with the pistol, besk'ad, and sniper rifle then your average Mando, she's worse with technology and medic stuff. (NEUTRAL QUALITY)

Footsoldier - Kila is, at heart, a footsoldier. She doesn't like giving orders and isn't great at command, feeling awkward and uncertain. The upside of this is that all the time that she really should be spending learning how to command, she's honing her combat skills to a razor's edge. She doesn't talk back (much), doesn't question or disobey orders (99% of the time), and is always ready to snap a salute and get back to shooting people. (NEUTRAL QUALITY)

Diplomacy - Or lack of. Kila isn't known for her diplomatic tact. Diplomatic intolerance, maybe. Her footsoldier core comes into play here as well - as a fighting woman, she distrusts politicians and doesn't see the point of making tactful statements to weave intricate traps for your opponent. Just say what you mean and shoot the people you have to! (WEAKNESS)

Sarcastic - Kila's sarcastic tongue can get her into trouble on the battlefield. She's not the best at standing down and rarely lets something go without a smart comeback. When fighting people (especially Sith) this has the tendency to enrage them and make them try even harder to kill her. This has been upped since coming back from the dead. (WEAKNESS)

Proud - Kila almost never stands down once she starts fighting. She refuses to let anyone talk bad about her friends, family, vode, or anyone she holds in high regard. This can get her into some sticky situations. (WEAKNESS)

Angry - The resurrected Kila is a very angry person. She lashes out with very little discrimination at those around her, usually at the slightest provocation. (WEAKNESS)

Afraid - The core of Kila's problems and personality changes since her death, Kila is perpetually afraid. If you asked her - and managed to get her to admit she's afraid - she wouldn't be able to tell you what she was afraid of. (WEAKNESS)



Pre-Board History
Kila was born to Vera and Ghenet Cadau, two mercenaries who had joined the Mandalorian culture shortly after they married. Ghenet trained his young daughter as a sniper, although he was confused, worried, and a little angered by her avid interest in bladework. Vera trained the young girl in the art of moving unseen. Starting at the age of eight, Kila would go with her parents on their bounties. However, when Kila was twelve, Ghenet and Vera took a bounty on a dangerous dark side Force user. Ghenet wanted to bring Kila with them, but Vera refused to hear of it. Eventually, a compromise was reached. Kila could come, but she had to stay on board the ship in case they needed a quick getaway. Inquisitive to the end however, Kila followed her parents from a distance, and watched when they died. Angry and scared, Kila started to give chase, but quickly lost her target when she was force-pushed into a duracrete wall, almost cracking her skull. Defeated, exhausted, and injured, Kila stumbled back to the modified Ghtroc 720 that had belonged to her parents, and set course for Mandalore.

Once she was back home, Kila pretty much lived in the ship, and scrounged for what she could, because she didn't want to have to go to another clan or family for help. Eventually, an old mercenary named Netra Kyr'am found Kila and adopted her, completing her sniper training and helping the now-fifteen year old Mandalorian learn how to wield a beskad. When Kila was twenty years old, Netra died of old age, leaving her orphaned for a second time. Kila renamed her parents ship the Netra Kyr'am in her honor, so the old starship would be a reminder of all of her parents.

During a rare trip Keldable-side, and an even rarer trip to the Oyu'baat, Kila ran into a spot of unpleasantness with an auretii space pirate. The trouble resolved itself with a few drinks with the then-Field Marshal Verz Horak.
A short time later, the Sith invaded Mandalore and caused the Battle of Mandalore. Kila went up against the Sith Knight Zaiden James, and although she put up a good fight, was badly beaten. Val-ient Cyborg replaced her kneecap and sent her back into battle fifteen minutes later, where she aided in the defense and rebooting of the Ion Cannons. She, as well as fellow Initiates Firax Ved and Xander Lok, was caught in the radioactivity of the tactical nuke detonated by the Death Watch. She was rescued - again - by Val and healed before going on her way.

Rally Master History
Some time later, Kila was promoted to Rally Master and participated in the Dominion of Mygeeto, where she met Ordo be Ar'klim, if only briefly. She ran into him again on Ord Mantell during a bar fight when she prevented three scrapyard workers from killing Azrael. The three would join forces again during the Dominion of Dathomir, although the diplomatic mission didn't offer much in the way of fighting, and again during the Brawl of the Dead. During this time, Kila spoke with a young girl named Ka'ika, although the brief encounter was inconsequential.

After dropping off the radar for a few months, Kila turned up again during a skirmish in Sith territory - on Dromuund Kaas, to be specific - where she fought against Darth Azaela and lost an arm. A short while after, on Mandalore, Kila, Basaba, Ordo, Mia, Strider, and Emberli all showed up at a lake at roughly the same time.

Then she dropped off the radar for good, the only communication being a message to Ordo, congratulating him for his marriage to Rianna Organa. Then she died, rather unceremoniously, from a blaster bolt to the side during the same bounty mentioned in her message to Ordo. Kara Cabor, being an auretii, was sentimental enough to treat the wound when she left Kila's body.

Post-Dead History
A few...what, hours? after Kila's death, she woke up, noticing her missing helmet and pistol, and the knife she'd given to Kara. The strange bit was, she was in a cell instead of the Tatooine desert cave that Vokko had used as a base. Kila discovered that she was in a kind of prison, run by a huge man in black armor named Kordon Neir, who raged when he first saw her, saying that she was the wrong one and it should have been someone else referred to as 'her'. The prison was peculiar, and Kila was forced into an almost training-like regime. She kept the weapons and armor she'd arrived with, but didn't get anything besides food, water, and ammo as decreed by Neir. Kila soon discovered the existence of others within the prison, and managed to organize a successful riot and prison break. Unfortunately for the galaxy, Neir escaped, but Kila was able to capture one of his lieutenants with the help of two of the other prisoners, who followed the other two or so handfuls of prisoners back to their homes. Kila, however, did not go home to Mandalore. Instead, she tortured Neir's lieutenant until he told her where Neir was headed. By the time Kila got there, Neir was gone, so she repeated herself, torturing another captive she'd speaking in confidence with Neir until he told her - again - where Neir was headed. Now she's in pursuit of him for a second time, intent on killing him.

No PCs




At The Oyu'baat
Battle of Mandalore
Capturing The Jewels (Mando Dominion of Mygeeto)
Cin Vhetin - White slate
Maintaining Friendships (Mando Dominion of Dathomir)
Ghost Ships in the Dreighton Triangle (Mando Dominion of Aeten II)
Dark Harvest: Brawl of the Dead
Soldier's Instinct
Dark Harvest: The Final Countdown
King of the Dust Hill (Mando-Sith Skirmish)
Kill It. Kill It Now (Mandos, Open)

There's more, but the cache lost them and I don't remember all the dominions anyway. And I'm too lazy to update it now.

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Kila Cadau

Mando Rally Master (With a metal kneecap)
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