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1. Metal Manly Artemis [Endor] [8] [P] [HK-36] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • Life had always been very much the same for Daux, that she could remember. Rushing through the forests she called home, with her brothers and sisters by her side. Today was different, however, when a funny metal creature landed before her, and almost instantly a friendship is forged.
2. Making Friends [Endor] [8] [P] [Ruby] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • After awaking to find her funny metal friend missing, Daux does her best to find him though his trail had already run cold. In the distance sounds unlike any she had heard before echoed through the forest, before an upright clad in bright red ran right into her path. Enamored with her cat-like appearance, the stranger drags Daux along on an adventure through her homeworld.
3. Endor Is A Wild Planet With Maybe Wild Secrets [Endor] [8] [P] [Unknown] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • Chaos is wreaking havoc amidst her home. A giant man clad in metal rampages through the trees, knocking down the creatures who rise in defense. Daux watches as her brothers and sisters in fur are one by one taken out, and yet for whatever reason finds herself spared. The fiend drags her away from her home, giving her little chance to mourn, and keeps her locked within a cave 'til daybreak.
4. Into The Wild [Endor] [8] [P] [Jaxton Ravos] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • The terrifying man is gone. Why he chose to spare Daux she cannot say, and upon returning to the clearing she called home she found only death and destruction. Her cries draw the attention of a strange being, with pink skin and blue fur, and for the first time she changes back into her human form. Intrigued, and protective over the wayward child, the man whisks her away from Endor inside the belly of a metal beast.
5. The Long Ride Home [Space] [8] [P] [Jaxton Ravos] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • Horror. Daux finds herself prowling a tiny world without grass, without trees, and with the only water dripping from the sky. Her saviour does what he can to make the journey more bearable for her, and begins the arduous journey of cleaning her grime-streaked body and brushing through matted hair. Needless to say, Daux is not impressed.
6. Conversing With A Mute [Coruscant] [8] [P] [Thurion Heavenshield] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • This new world is full of noise, metal, and things most foreign to her. Every moment is a struggle to understand, to process, and aside from her beloved 'Jaa' she is all alone. That is until one particularly thoughtful young Padawan takes it upon himself to help the stranded girl, and quickly realizes the power behind conversing without words.
7. Storming Temples For A Friend [Coruscant] [8] [P] [Jaxton Ravos | HK-36] [3/13] [Completed]
  • A friend long forgotten appears within the Temple, demanding an audience with Daux and her Guardian. Much to the young girl's delight, there stands before her the funny metal being from Endor, who presents her with a crown of leaves and some much needed scritches. His reason for being there goes over her head, she is simply happy to see a familiar face in so foreign a land.
8. Furry And His Kitty [Tython] [8] [P] [Thurion Heavenshield] [Lost In 2013 Board Wipe] [Completed]
  • Patience is a virtue not found in many children; Furry, it seemed, was an exception to this rule. He had taken it upon himself to try and teach the young wildling how to walk, and while it was not going quite as easily as expected the pair seemed to enjoy their time together all the same.
9. In The Middle Of The Night [Tython] [8] [F] [Thurion Heavenshield] [3/5] [Completed]
  • Since coming to Tython - nay, since leaving Endor - Daux had struggled to sleep. Night after night she would end up out of bed, roaming the halls of the Temple until either Furry or Jax found her and soothed her to sleep. This night is no different, and she finds herself curled beside her best friend who hums so that the pair may rest.
10. Order [Teth] [8] [F] [The Silent Conclave] [2/35] [Completed]
  • Changes seemed to be ever present. Daux finds herself once again in the belly of a metal beast, only this time alone as Jaxton leaves her to tend to business. Naturally, this does not go as planned and the young girl finds her way to the middle of the meeting after following the scent of he and Furry. Causing quite a ruckus, the pair quickly leave the grown ups to their chatter.
11. Reunited At Last [Teth] [8] [P] [Thurion Heavenshield] [Lost To Faction Archives] [Completed]
  • After well and truly disrupting a meeting, Kitty and Furry decide to explore the Temple they would now be calling home. Catching up on the time they had lost, in their own special way, they take time to simply relax and enjoy one another's company.
12. I Never Thought I'd Have To Do This So Soon [Teth] [8] [F] [The Silent Conclave] [Lost To Faction Archives] [Completed]
  • Daux is no stranger to death. But when that loss causes a splinter between two friends, and an inability to help the one who had always soothed her, she does not know how to cope.
13. Consolation Between Soulmates [Teth] [8] [P] [Thurion Heavenshield] [Lost To Faction Archives] [Completed]
  • With all the prior misunderstanding ironed out, the inseparable duo take the time to console one another. Daux does everything in her power to dry Thurion's tears, and help him overcome the grief that is eating away at him... No easy feat when you're as wild as they come.
14. A Is For Action, B Is For Brother, C Is For Cat [Teth] [8] [P] [Jaxton Ravos] [6/12] [Completed]
  • The time has come for a serious lesson... Or as serious as Jaxton can muster when it came to the little wildling in his care. The pair spend the day frolicking through the grasses of Teth, while Jax tries to teach her random words. He also decides that it is time to give her a proper name, and thus Kida Ravos is born.
15. Of Monsters And Men [Teth] [8] [F] [The Silent Conclave] [Lost To Faction Archives] [Completed]
  • Another meeting, words going over her head. There are several upset members of the Temple she called home, including Auntie Rosa. Kida has no real way of assisting, and so as usual she simply sits alongside Furry and his new Master.
16. Article Of The Sixth [Nar Shadda] [8] [F] [The Silent Conclave] [3/29] [Completed]
  • Kida finds herself on a world of bright lights and blaring noises. Thankfully she is in the company of all those she holds dear, though their reason for being there soon makes itself known even to the wild child. Furry is injured when the pair try to protect one another from attack, and Kida wishes for nothing more than to avenge her fallen companion.
17. What Is The Force? [Teth] [8] [P] [Jaxton Ravos] [2/4] [Completed]
  • During the battle which had taken place on Nar Shadda, Kida had faced a quite abrupt introduction to the Force. Now it fell to Jaxton to try and help her make sense of the mystical energy, but how easy could it be explaining so complex a concept to someone who didn't even really speak?
18. The Talk [Teth] [14] [P] [Jaxton Ravos] [1/2] [Non-Canon]
  • In an alternate timeline, Kida blossomed into a capable young girl who could walk and talk freely. Noticing that his adoptive child was just a few short years from adulthood, Jaxton must figure out the best way to have a discussion concerning birds and bees...
19. I Never Left [Teth] [14] [P] [Thurion Heavenshield] [Lost To Faction Archives] [Non-Canon]
  • In an alternate timeline, Kida reunites with childhood friend Thurion who is surprised to see how much she has grown both physically and mentally. All those hours spent teaching her to walk seems to have paid off, and for the very first time the pair are able to have a real conversation.
20. Lamentations Of The Wild [Laekia] [8] [P] [Siobhan Kerrigan] [13/26] [Completed]
  • Kida and Jaxton had moved from world to world, ever at one another's side... Until one day she awoke to find the halls of the Temple empty. No Jaxton to be found. Upon further inspection of the surrounding landscape, she finds her attention snatched by a giant red bird in the sky and spends the entirety of the day chasing after it. So fickle is the attention span of a feral child.
21. Castles Made Of Sand [Laekia] [8] [P] [Mythos] [6/11] [Completed]
  • TBA
22. The Cortan Blade. Demon Of The Sith [Mustafar] [8] [D] [Mythos And Friends] [2/30] [Completed]
  • TBA
23. Swamp Things [Obredaan] [8] [D] [The One Sith] [4/111] [Completed]
  • TBA
24. In Darkness There Is Still Light [Naboo] [8] [P] [Mythos | Lady Kay] [1/32] [Completed]
  • TBA
25. Atrisia. Glory And Agony [Atrisia] [8] [F] [The One Sith] [10/111] [Completed]
  • TBA
26. Rare Commodities [Muunilinst] [8] [D] [The Primeval] [5/122] [Completed]
  • TBA
27. The Royal Guard [Atrisia] [8] [P] [Mythos And Friends] [3/37] [Completed]
  • TBA
28. Learning New Things [Endor] [8] [P] [Mythos | Stardust] [2/21] [Completed]
  • TBA
29. Make It Or Break It, Journey To Atrisia [Atrisia] [8] [F] [The One Sith] [2/9] [Completed]
  • TBA
30. Red Morning [Atrisia] [8] [P] [Rafeesh] [1/3] [Completed]
  • TBA
31. Experiment 1-A: Atrisia [Atrisia] [8] [O] [Saverok | Mythos | Others] [5/21] [Completed]
  • TBA
32. Learning To Grow Without Plant Surge [Atrisia] [8] [P] [Naga] [3/6] [Completed]

  • TBA
33. Exthracior! [Thracior] [8] [D] [The One Sith] [2/101] [Completed]
  • TBA
34. Times Have Changed, Yet I've Stood Still [Aargonar] [8] [P] [Thurion Heavenshield] [6/11] [Completed]
  • TBA
35. A Breath Of Fresh Air [Atrisia] [8] [P] [Mythos] [6/11] [Completed]
  • TBA
36. Chapter 1: Sojourn [Dagobah] [8] [P] [Mythos | Serena Bouie] [3/14] [Completed]
  • TBA
37. Lost In Thought, And Lost In Time [Dagobah] [8] [P] [Solo] [1/1] [Completed]
  • TBA
38. Baby It's Cold Outside [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Mythos | Serena Bouie] [3/10] [Completed]
  • TBA
39. Perfect Harmony [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Kiriko] [5/9] [Completed]
  • TBA
40. By Babbling Brook [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Daxton Bane] [2/4] [Non-Canon]
  • TBA
41. Lamenting The Fallen [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Zaz Tal'Verda] [5/9] [Completed]
  • TBA
42. Then There Were Two [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Serena Bouie] [4/9] [Completed]
  • TBA
43. The Silver Beast [Midvinter] [9] [P] [HK-36] [6/12] [Completed]
  • TBA
44. The Thread Where HK Casually Kidnaps A Child [Abregado] [9] [P] [HK-36 | Ultimatum] [1/5] [Ongoing]
  • TBA
45. Where The Canals Lead [Abregado] [9] [P] [HK-36] [1/1] [Ongoing]
  • TBA
46. Surprise Droid Party [Denon] [9] [D] [Metal Lords] [1/22] [Completed]
  • TBA
47. The Ships Have Come To Carry You Home [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Thirdas Heavenshield] [1/1] [Ongoing]
  • TBA
48. A Vision From The Past [Midvinter] [9] [P] [Mythos] [1/1] [Ongoing]
  • TBA

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