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Kiber Lacer

Kiber Lacer

NAME: Kiber Lacer
FACTION: Independent
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 6' 2"
WEIGHT: 188 lbs
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White


Experienced Pilot - Kiber has become a veteran of his star-ship's controls through multiple encounters in his line of work.
Deadeye- Kiber is no stranger to his blaster rifle, and has become quite the marksman over the years.
Martial Arts Expert - Being in his line of work, Kiber has had to get into close quarters on more than one occasion and has gained quite a reputation through his sleek fighting style.
Linguistics - Has experience with many languages due to his travels throughout the galaxy.

Blood Lust - Kiber will lash out against his comrades in the heat of battle.
Heart Less - Only cares about killing and getting paid.

YT-1930 -

Kiber's father was an experienced hunter and smith that chose to raise him on Kashyyyk. There Kiber's father took him on many hunts for Terentatek and Kashyyykian Giant Weavers. Kiber loved the thrill of the hunt leading to his blood lust. Kiber focused most of his time on becoming proficient with a blaster rifle and training in martial arts. While Kiber trained his father spent his time smithing some Mandalorean style armor for him.
At the age of 18 Kiber's father died from a Kashyyykian Giant Weaver trap leaving him to his own devices. Kiber managed to find his father's last location. He then cut open many cocoons to try to find whatever was left of his father. He was only able to retrieve a mysterious key before he left that dangerous location. He spent a week trying to find out what this key unlocked. On the verge of burning down the nearby forest canopy he found a hidden safe and landing zone. The key unlocked an armory and his father's ship, the YT-1930. Now Kiber works as a Mercenary/Bounty Hunter fulfilling his blood lust while earning cash.