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Khaji Ri'Had

Vyk Girani

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NAME: Khaji Ri’Had

FACTION: Trianii Rangers, The Sith Empire (Not Public Knowledge)

RANK: Ranger/Operative

SPECIES: Trianii

AGE: Young Adult

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: Slightly Above Average

BUILD: Fighter’s build, muscular and lithe

EYES: Yellow-Green

FUR: Tan-Gold



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Combat Skillz: Khaji is gifted in all forms of ground combat, though he is utterly inept in flying for combat or anything naval
Subterfuge: Khaji is trained to work undercover, and excels at such work, though he often finds it hard to relate to people outside of the scope of his work, making lasting relationships sadly one sided.

Khaji’s Father, while by day a CEO for an arms and armor company, was always fascinated by stories of the Trianii Rangers. Thus, Khaji was brought up on stories of this fabled group and their exploits in the name of safeguarding the Trianii people. Most kits grow up with some of these stories and go on to live normal lives, but such was not meant for Khaji. He strove to prove himself worthy of being a Ranger, even if they no longer existed.
During his first year in the planetary militia, however, he was approached by one of his senior NCOs. Thereafter, Khaji was part of the now secret group of Trianii Rangers. As Khaji continued to prove himself, he moved up the ranks and learned more. His cultivation was careful, and when it was revealed that the Sith Empire Saaraishash Inquisition was the benefactor of the group, he was already willing to serve. While he still serves in the name of the Trianii people, he has moved to operating directly for the Saaraishash.


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[member="Khaji Ri'Had"]

*Has been resisting the urge to make up a trianii*

*sees another Trianii*

Dangit >_>

Nice bio, friend! This one is impressed to see another trianii about! :3