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Approved Tech Ken'Ha "First Blade"

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  • Classification: one handed lightsaber
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Light
  • Knuckle Dustered: Phrick blade knuckle dusters makes the saber very good in both defense, offense and for dueling in form 2.
  • Water Proof: A burification chamber allow the blade to remain active under water
  • Phrik cutter: The Phrick knuckle duster makes the blade deadly in both deflecting other sabers but also for traditional punching.
  • Corrosion: The crystal with the same name allows for a rather sadistic way of righting where one touch corrodes an enemies skin or armor like acid, If touched on the skin will cause burning and against armor will slowly start to eat through it, depending on it's resistance against acid.
  • Agile: Use of the Jenrua crystal makes the blade more agile and easier to wield, thus allowing the user to deflect blaster bolts easier.
  • Cortosis: This alloy will short out the blade and made it unusable for a certain amount of time.
  • Hand Lock: Due to the knuckle duster certain styles with the hilt and positioning limit the way this saber can be wielded or makes different moves dangerous to perform without potentially harming the user.
This saber was one of the first things Elise crated when she was still under the watch of her grandmother [member="Sawa Ike"], the blade being a blend of fine craftsmanship with a small hint of brutality with the bladed knuckle duster. The added use of the crystals made the blade perfect for those who wish to refine their dueling ability, more agility and the power for even a small scrape to be painful and debilitating.

It was the first step in becoming a Sith for the young Energy vampire but unfortunately did not get much use due the more peaceful times that Elise grew up in before the clone wars. Still the saber has always remained by her side and though not a veteran of many wars like her grandmother Elise is still a master duelist and is able to put the deadly weapon to good use.
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Kurenai Yumi said:
Corrosion: The crystal with the same name allows for a rather sadistic way of righting where one touch corrodes an enemies skin or armor like acid.
Can you explain this a bit more? If the blade touches the skin at all it will burn, so try to describe the corrosion affect against armor and weaponry a bit more.

[member="Kurenai Yumi"]
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