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Keira Dax


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Name: Keira Dax
Faction: None Yet
Rank/Title: Slave
Species: Kiffar
Sex: Female
Height: 5’8”
Weight 130 LBS
Eyes: Bright emerald green
Hair: Brown
Skin: White
Force Sensitive: No
Strengths and weaknesses:
Keira was a strong willed warrior and upcoming leader of her people’s army. Keira is the daughter of the chieftain and leader of the mountainous nomadic people that roam the highest ranges that are found on the Kiffars home world. After her abduction by slavers, she constantly struggles with her strong willed ways and independent nature versus those who wish to take it away from her. This is both a strength and weakness as it has given her hope, albeit slowly fading, of freeing herself as well as had made her time after her enslavement a more troubling experience that had cost the lives of her closest friends and comrades.
Keira was born 25 years ago on the high ranges of Kiffex. Her people where a nomadic isolated race that believed in engaging other clans purely In the name of self defense with that being said, they where extremely isolated and self efficient as they only relied on each other. Keira’s father was the elected chieftain of the clan and the only child. At the age of 13, she started her combat training and eventually rose to become an assistant advisor to the leadership of the clan’s armed forced. At the age of 23, she replaced the aged leader and lead their people on various successful defensive battles against other hostile Kiffar clans as well as hunting excursions that helped supplied the clan with the much needed resources that kept them alive. Shortly after Keira turned 25 years of age, sightings of nearby ships where whispered of. Many thought it was some sort of dark magic or the word of a clan that had somehow developed a new weapon that threaten the “balance” of the Kiffar people. Eventually, the foreigners visited Keira’s clan first as traders offering exotic goods from off world. Weeks passed with no issues until one night strange electronic sounds appeared along with flashes of light. The traders had come back armed with energy blaster weapons that where beyond anything her people could even fathom. The clan’s defenses had no chance and where easily wiped out. They took the resources they desired and rounded up a large portion of the population. Keira was selected as well in despite the pleading of the chieftain. Keira refused to go and fought again one of the slavers that ended up costing the lives of her father as well as her closest friends. After seeing the devastation and the loss that had been done because of her actions, she agreed to go along with them if they’d leave the majority of the Kiffar’s behind on Kiffex.
Keira has next to no experiance involving modern technology or the customs of the galaxy. The rural planet that she came from couldn't fathom the vastness of the galactic scene thus leaves Keira overwealmed by the strong world beyond her own.

Ship: None
Kills: None
Bounties: None
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