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Keela Nui

Keela Nui


NAME: Keela Nui
FACTION: The Republic
RANK: Ambassador
SPECIES: Kaminoan
AGE: 27 (Galactic Standard years)
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 8’ 10”
WEIGHT: 150 lbs.
EYES: Black and white.
SKIN: Light grey.


Skilled politician
Always carries a small blaster which she keeps secret from others
Stays as calm as possible under pressure or dangerous situations
Tends to keep secrets from many, even those who guard her or befriend her
Becomes aggressive towards those who insult her based on her being Kaminoan or about her father’s past.
Alderaan Diplomatic Cruiser. Blue and white paint job with three Kaminoan Symbols painted on the left and right side of the hull and one on the front where the bridge is. Two double turbolaser turrets, four single turbolaser turrets. Light speed capabilities.
Alder Nui was one of the higher diplomats to represent Kamino in the Confederacy. His wife, Taula, was a scientist working in the labs. As the war progressed with the Republic the leaders of the Confederacy pushed for more advancements from the Kaminoan scientists, this meant disregarding any safety measures or the like for the staff. It was because of this that Taula had suffered a fatal accident in the labs,leaving Alder and his newborn daughter alone. Now having resentment towards the Confederacy, Taula fled Kamino and came to Courascant where he pleaded asylum. Alder gave the Republic all information he could in return for having a place in it as a politician, to prove his worth among the Republic that not all of Kamino sided with the Confederacy. While this was not fully received by many, the current Alderaan Senator at the time supported Alder, allowing him to act as a minor advisor. Over the years Adler had begun to train his daughter, Keela, in political affairs and debates and the like. Wanting her to become a possible Senator he groomed her well but always denied her from studying anything outside of politics, especially science. By the time Keela had reached young adulthood, Alder unfortunately passed away before he could finally see his daughter enter into the Senate. The following years Keela proved herself a skilled politician, eventually earning the right as ambassador for the Senate, which also encouraged the Aldreaan Senator, who’d been a close friend since her father’s death, bequeathed her a spare diplomatic transport. Keela Nui now acts for the Senate, trying to prove she can be the best diplomat and, hopefully, free Kamino from Confederacy control.