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Kayvaan Niveus

Kayvaan Niveus


Kayvaan Niveus [Kay-van Nye-ve-us]
Faction: Order of the Black Hand, Mnenchei Dominion
Rank: Neutral Force User, Dark Jedi apprentice
Species: Ruferalahuín, Ruksenmih
Age: 79
Sex: Male
Height: 1,93m/6,3 foot
Weight: 63 kg/138,9 lbs
Eyes: Blue and yellow
Hair: White
Skin: Pale
Force Sensitive: Yes

Strength and Weaknesses:
+ All the strengths the Ruferalahuín have
+ Intelligent: He was born with high intelligence and can figure out problems pretty fast.
+ Calm and collected: Because of his high intelligence he always thinks about things logically and doesn’t get angered very easily.
+ Unusual fighting style: His Lightsaber pike is a rare weapon and not many people have experience in fighting such a weapon.

+/- Curious: He is very curious by nature and will often observe people or ask them many questions. This can sometimes give him a lot of information or get him into trouble.

+/-- Light bones: His light bones make him weigh less and give him even more agility than he already has. The drawback is that they break fairly easily.

- All the weaknesses the Ruferalahuín have
- Stands out: His appearance is unique and unusual, that’s why he stands out in crowds of people.
- Introvert: Because he had never really had any kind of relationship with other living beings, except for a select few, he often is almost completely unable to talk to other people and gets nervous when he has to talk to complete strangers.

Appearance: He was born with white hair, white fox tails and ears, pale skin and differently colored eyes. He always wears his white-black, altered Jedi robes with a black belt.

Biography: Born to a very rich Rukensmih-tribe Ruferalahuín family on a small world near the core planets, Kayvaan was a very unusual child. He had white hair and differently colored eyes. That was one of the reasons why he grew up at home. Another one was that his parents were always trying to hide their identity and when Kayvaan they kept him at home and didn't tell anyone about him. This time was lonely but not completely awful. One of his favorite things to do was to walk through the forest his parents owned. He always went there when his parents were away from home.
One day, while walking through the forest, Kayvaan met a strange person. It was a male human who wore strange robes, Kayvaan had never before seen. The man was at first surprised by the boy’s appearance. A boy with white hair, fox tails and ears was new to him, but he didn't mind. Kayvaan wanted to know everything about the man, who in turn told him everything he knew and that he was a Jedi. The man was a great friend to Kayvaan and stayed in the forest for many months, in which he trained Kayvaan in many things like fighting with weapons, martial arts and, after discovering Kayvaan's Force sensitivity, even a couple of very simple force tricks.
After many months had past and Kayvaan had learned the basics of many martial arts and fighting styles, the Jedi left the forest without telling him. Kayvaan was deeply saddened by the disappearance of his only friend and asked his parents about the ‘’outside world’’. They told him it wouldn't be safe for him, but he insisted and told them about the things he had learned. At first they were angry that he hadn't told them about the Jedi, but after a while they calmed down and allowed him to go to school under one condition. He would have to wear a lot of clothes to cover up his tails and ears.
When he began going to school he didn't make many friends. That was because he always observed people and only talked to them when he wanted to know something more about their lives or what they do outside of school. Many kids at his school thought he was weird and they didn't want anything to do with him. So the days passed and he was happy going to school, learning more and more about the ‘’outside world’’.
After he had graduated from school he left his home planet to see more of the galaxy. The first thing he did was go to Coruscant and look for his old friend at the Jedi temple. The Jedi told him that his friend had been killed during a mission and, after he had explained that his species lived a lot longer than many other species and that he had already received some training, they invited him to join the Order, which he did. There he stayed until he was made a Padawan and built his first weapon. Since he had had a lot of interest in exotic weapons he chose to make a lightsaber pike with a silver blade. After that he got bored of the Jedi Order because they were not interesting enough for him and he wanted to travel through the galaxy on his own.
He left the Order in secret not wanting them to notice and stop him. So he boarded a small cruiser that was leaving for another planet and that is where his new story began.

Lightsaber abilities:
Form I Shi-Cho

Form II Makashi

Form III Soresu

Form IV Ataru

Form V Shien/Djem'So

Form VI Niman

From VII Juyo

Jar'kai dual blade fencing

Lightsaber pike


Force Speed

Force Sense

Items: Altered Jedi robes, Lightsaber pike, Vibroblade

Ship: None

Kills: N/A

Bounties: N/A

Role-Plays: None yet