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Kayrce Sonn


N A M E: Kayrce Osa Sonn
A L I A S: Inferno One

F A C T I O N: The Galactic Empire
R A N K: Commander

S P E C I E S: Human
O R I G I N: Rothana
A G E: 32
S E X: Female

H E I G H T: 5’7
E Y E S: Brown
H A I R: Dark Brown
S K I N: Caucasian

F O R C E S E N S I T I V E: Yes
L A N G U A G E S: Basic, Huttese, Boche

O F F S P R I N G: None
R E L A T I O N S H I P: Single


“Trained for total war and beyond. Completely loyal to he who has the right to pull the trigger. Inferno Squad will be more then capable of doing what you have asked.”

[+] Created for War: Kayrce is foremost a soldier of the Galactic Empire. Even during previous incarnations of the governments that have held the Imperial flag she has been through battle after battle, forged among the flames of war. Before she could even be rostered for standard education her father had her name for the academies positioned within the, at the time, One Sith. Through out this time she was moulded to become a weapon of the Imperial throne. Her role now as part of Imperial Special Forces has seen that training pushed ever further into the field of combat, from galactic weaponry to Naval warfare. Training is a constant for her and as such there is no lesser soldier within the Galactic Empire.

[+] Loyalty Until Death: Having followed her father’s political beliefs during the waning days of the One Sith, Kayrce headed southwards towards the scattered Imperial systems that had began to form there own little empires after the destruction of the Imperial Remnant at the hands of the Sith and the formation of the Galactic Alliance. It was here that she became sworn to the idea of the Imperial throne, a number of years saw her following the scattered battlegroups until in time she was sworn to a throne that stuck. The current Galactic Empire is her home, her allegiance and soul belongs to it and nothing else.

[+] Flair of Command: The men and women who find themselves under Commander Sonn’s command are just as loyal to her as she is to the throne of the Empire. She inspires within a complete want to serve until the death and without question. It is a commendable trait that has seen many an Imperial General look jealously upon Inferno Squad with disregard to any politeness towards his own men’s already impressive loyalty and ability.


“You dispatched Inferno Squadron? For a border skirmish? I’ll be paying off the debt in damages for the rest of my life it would seem.”

[-] Specialist for Recklessness: The issue with specialist troopers is that they are precisely that, specialist. Expensive to train, even more so to deploy. The problem finds itself in that many operations that Inferno Squad find themselves on find the unit recklessly completing objectives without concern for civilian or innocent surrounds. That is what Inferno is for though, for complete and utter completion of the task at hand no matter the cost.

[-] Imperial Right: Kayrce sees the Imperial war machine as the one soul purpose in the galaxy. She is highly supportive of Imperial law and in the eyes of what many see as oppressive wrongness she only sees support and order. Any humanity towards a situation is out of the window when Kayrce is in question. The Empire says a group of miners must die for not releasing enough tariff, then she kills them, without question, for it is the right way to do it.

[-] Normal Society: The members of Inferno are trained for what they do by years of conditioning. This has left an unfortunate side effect on them that leaves them extremely nervous in social surrounds. Charity balls, trade summits and other things that do not involve taking a planet by battle tend to put them a little on edge. They should avoid them at all costs and proceed to more explosive arenas.



Kayrce Osa Sonn was born to dotting and proud parents, Pri and [member="Ileris Sonn"] in the height of Sith Domination across the galaxy. Forever the promised child of the Business Mogul and and Jeamus-Sienar elite, Kayrce was practically raised to be everything that a good Imperial subject should be. Under the throne of the Sith Emperor she would see schooling and a family that was reaping the benefits of a victorious central government. It was the Imperial promise that all were promised.

Yet Kayrce, having reached an acceptable age to be issued into the academy was hit by the news of her mother’s passing. The Rebels of the Underground network had hit the research facility at which she was employed and the resulting damage saw the complex and the majority of the engineers; Pri Sonn included, casualties of the long war.

Her father slipped into madness as the grief of his lost wife hit the ship builder with painful repercussions. Kayrce’s application was pulled from the academy and under her father’s wishes the family fled the core, heading towards a whisper of Imperial rebirth.


The Sonn family went on to become founding members of the First Order, along with other Sith defectors and remnants of broken Empires. Ileris’ company, under the majority control of his own devices moulded ships and weapons for the First Order in their early years after being evicted from Eriadu.

Kayrce was placed into the First Order academy and eventually she would graduate to become a Stormtrooper within the 412nd Battalion operating from her father’s governmental seat of of Bespin.

Partaking in many territory claims by the First Order Kayrce would go onto prove herself a valuable part of any regiment that her number was called towards, yet even with this success her future was muddled by the fact that her father’s name was attached to her own.
Ileris had become complacent as Baron Administrator over Bespin, the forges of Sienar-Jaemus becoming cold as production came to a grinding halt and credits were syphoned off into more crazy endeavours and personal wants.

It was only a matter of time before the Moff was removed from power and Kayrce found herself disciplined for the matter as well. Escaping the demotions and fast approaching arrest of her father and herself Kayrce found herself once more trying to find a home, an Imperial haven where she could serve to her best ability.


While many would call it the Imperial Remnant, the truth in Kayrce’s eyes was the new founded Imperial state was the start of the galactic empire itself. The Sonn family was welcomed with open arms and Kayrce, was placed into the military as her training deserved.

The story is still forming for her in the Empire, yet after being selected for a new elite unit project undertaken by Intelligence, Navy and Army command the prospects look bright.

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