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Factory Denied Kayl-type Freighter

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  • Intent: To create a ship for both Hal and the Alliance Remnant.

  • Image Source: 3D Warehouse Sketchup (x)

  • Canon Link: G9 Rigger-class Light Freighter

  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Classification: Personal Transport, Light Freighter

  • Length: 38.4m

  • Width: 42.0m

  • Height: 24.6

  • Armament: Average [Low w/ SLAM]

    2x Dual Blaster Cannons [Starboard and Dorsal Mounted]

  • 2x Twin Rapid Fire Ion Cannons [Forward Fixed]

  • 1x Heavy Rotary Blaster Cannon [Ventral Mounted]

Defenses: Average

  • Anti-Ion Package [Military Grade]

    Cap Drains

  • Socket Guards

  • De-Ionizer

Electronic Warfare / Electronic Countermeasure Suite [Military Grade]

  • Missile Defense System [Military-Grade]

    Chaff and Flare Dispersal System

Shields and Hull [Military Grade]

Hangar Space: Base - 0

Hangar Allocations: None

Maneuverability Rating: High

Speed Rating: High [Very High w/ SLAM]

Hyperdrive Class: Average - 2


  • Flight Control Suite

  • Navigational Suite

  • Sensor Suite

  • Power Converter Management System

  • Auxiliary Power Management Suite

  • Internal Defense Management Suite

  • Long Range Sensor Suite

  • Subspace Transceiver and Radio

  • Hyperwave Signal Interceptor

  • Targeting Lead and Lock-On Systems

  • Defensive Countermeasure Suite

  • Tactical Computer Analysis Suite

  • Life Support Systems

  • Hazard and Damage Control Systems

  • Tractor and Pressor Beam Control Suite

  • Cargo Tracking and Monitor Suite

  • Repulsorlift Management Systems

  • Environmental Control Suite

  • Water Control and Filtration Systems

  • Internal Cargo Repulsorlift Control Suite

  • Emergency Evacuation Management Systems

  • Anti-Ion Management Suite


  • Electronic Countermeasures: Military grade signal jammers coupled with sensor jammers enable the Kayl to temporarily go unnoticed.

  • Sensor Systems: Energy-wave detectors, hyperwave transceiver, dedicated energy receptor, aural sensor might be norms on most vessels but are specially fitted on the Kayl.

  • SubLight Acceleration Motor: The SLAM has been retrofitted to the Kayl to give her a boost when necessary. Allows the Kayl to increase its sublight speed, however it cannot be utilized while weapon systems are engaged.


  • Speed: The Kayl relies primarily on its speed to help get it out of any combat zones.

  • Lightly Armed: Not the heaviest armed freighter out there, has enough to get by in a pinch and even that may be questionable, especially if SLAM has been activated.

  • Overload: Systems will overload if SLAM and weapons are engaged at the same time, as SLAM will draw power from weapons systems
Call it a favor owed, Frielle remembered mentioning a charity raffle to the guys on Corellia. Frielle’s Olyvasa asked if her daughter would be willing to help, it so happened that she might. Ten boats, one of them would go to the raffle- nothing fancy just something for folks who needed it - to get by in. Galaxy was a big place and you needed a ship to get around. The Kayl-type Freighter would just be a test for the company.

Borrowing from the old Corellian Engineering Corps’ G9 Rigger design, the Kayl would begin its life as a copy of that very ship. It would be a few meters larger with a few more guns and defenses.

Plans on a full military gunship variant of the boat would be put down once an idea on the numbers were agreed upon. Until then, the Kayl would borrow from the Verlaine and Tico type vessels from some of Three Moon’s earlier designs. Low weapons, blaster and ion cannons with some military grade defenses thrown in - the key of the Kayl was speed. Engineers put in a sublight acceleration motor as an added boost.

Once SLAM is activated power levels on the Kayl drop and the speed increases. Engineers would notice later that the weapon systems could provide a better reserve to eliminate this flaw. Unfortunately the vessel had already finished production. It was a note that would more or less help the militarized gunship in its development.

The Kayl though would be a test for the company, to better gauge as to what the ship could accomplish in its current form and then improve on the design from there.

Runi Verin

Two pounds shy of a bomb.
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