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Approved Tech Kavalus Armour

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  • Intent: To provide a unique, documented light armor for Dhakarta
  • Image Source: Titanfall 2
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Light Armor
  • Classification: Multipurpose Light Armor
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances
- Blasters : High
- Kinetic: Average
- Lightsabers: Average
- Ion/EMP: High
- Force: Low
- Environmental: Average
- Airbased Hazards: High
- Acid: None

Dhakarta spent fifteen years in mandalorian armour, and when she hung it up felt entirely naked. She decided almost immediately to make herself another set that took a very long step from the Mando aesthetic. For this, she went closer to her Dathomirian roots, making a set of armour that a Witch Assassin would be proud to have, alchemizing it and using Dathomirian spider silk to remind her of home.


Blaster - Armorweave makes up the majority of the Kavalus, giving it a very good resistance to blasters
Ion/EMP - A tracery of embedded wires leads to a Pyronium power sink, allowing almost all incoming attacks of this type to be absorbed and the energy re-purposed to power the technological aspects of the suit.
Air Based Hazards - It has an air filter. It filters out bad things. A+.
Sneaky - Kavalus is alchemized to carry a constant low level dose of Dim Other's Senses. This by no means acts as a cloaking device. If Dhakarta walks through the middle of a room she will absolutely be seen every time. What it does do however, is keep people from hearing any small sounds that escape her privacy field, or to keep them from looking up if she's magno-gripped to the ceiling, lets her blend into the shadows a little bit better when people come to check out their 'malfunctioning' security gear. Kavalus has also been treated with Nykkalt, the armorweave and spiders silk being soaked in it's liquid form and permeated with the material. Scanners do not see her. This is not perfect, someone paying attention could certainly note inconsistencies.


Light Armour - If she gets hit by a speeder she'll probably die from massive internal injuries. Ditto very large, extra strong PCs, force users hurling boulders etc
Cloth - Kavalus is made from strong fabrics make no mistake, but it's still cloth. It might stop a stabbing but then it will be ripped to one extent or another and that part will be compromised. Ditto bullets. Fire is also an issue, acid eats right through it...


[member="Lily Kuhn"] Edited out the repetitive stuff, sorry, wasn't sure if they would be the same as some materials are fun against a punch but not a stab and vice versa.

Re Detection... Yes, the stealth stuff, and the way Nykkalt mucks with electronic sensors. I can definitely take it out, it just seemed.. fairer to have it in resistances where folks giving it a quick once over would see it and realize the suits purpose. Let me know if you want it out!
Just take it out and make sure it's expanded upon in the Strengths/Weaknesses/Description. I understand where you're coming from, but the resistance section is for damage resistance.
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