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Katagiri Ike

Katagiri Ike

Jericho Baby Momma
NAME: Katagiri Ike
FACTION: Order fo the Silver Jedi
RANK: Master
SPECIES: Human (Atrisian born)
AGE: 49
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5 foot 2 inches
WEIGHT: 134 pounds
EYES: Black
HAIR: White/Silver
SKIN: White
AEL/Mohc Extractives 'Dauntless' Combat Blade
  • With the ice augmentation
Bodo Baas Gunbelt
Warden Cloak

5% of Chandrila Datatech (bought here)
Sasori Research and Designs (Tier VI)
Speaks Several Languages
Being with both the ExplorCorps, and the Mandalorians has left Nikki with a general understanding of many languages including but not limited to Mando'a, Basic, Bocce and shyriiwook (though she could not speak it)

Very Disciplined
This in itself is pretty straight forward. Both her Jedi training and time with the Mnadalorians have left her with an uncanny sense of discipline and control, of both her emotions, even to the point where she can shut off and function as if they simply did not exist. This has also given her a sense of control over her body, allowing her to fore go the pain of the moment until a more suitable time presents itself.

Bad at long range combat
Not the most diplomatic

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Katagiri was born on the outer rim planet of New Kisge 29 years ago to Venus and Charon Ike. The name Ike was taken by their clan from the river that they had settled by, as most other colonies were named after nearby geological features. Katagiri's clan was more nomadic than most others, and often migrated up and down the river with the seasons. It was this movement and knowledge of the fertile lands along the rivers basin that allowed them to gain a large degree of monetary wealth. Thanks to the fertile mineral deposits of the river they were able to grow and harvest amazing crops, and were able to trade them to other neighboring tribes.

When Katagiri was only 2 years of age a Jedi knight came to her parents with a request. It would seem that the young human was force sensitive, and had been chosen to receive training with the Jedi at one of their temples. Her parents were resistant at first, but slowly warmed up to the idea of it when the Jedi explained that she could travel across the galaxy bringing justice and peace to the galaxy. So with still some hesitation they allowed the Jedi to take their daughter away, with the final promise that she would be well taken care of. Since she was taken so young Katagiri retains no memory of her parents at all.

Katagiri's first few years with the Jedi were certainly hard. For some strange reason she was sick almost all the time, and it was believed that she would die while very young. Later it had been determined that it was simply a climactic intolerance that the infant was having problems with, a sever allergy to the new climate as it it were. This was corrected by isolating the girl in her own mini climate until she had reached the age of 5 when her body was strong enough to handle the rest of the world. It was also at this age that she began to mingle with other youngling of the same age.

It was not long after that certain undesirable traits were noticed in the young human. She had taken to pulling some of the other students, most in fact, and had began to show a very aggressive pattern of actions even to wards some of the older students.It seemed that she would pick fights, and rely on her natural speed and agility to overwhelm whoever was unfortunate enough to be fighting her. She had even taken to using the newly developed spikes on her arms and legs to threaten others. However the Jedi at the temple took notice of this, and naturally began working to curb this aggressive streak in her.

Luckily for the girl she was able to learn to better control herself with the help of the Jedi, though the process was certainly not easy or short. In fact it had taken nearly 2 years to get her to a point where she no longer felt like she needed to prove anything to anyone.This was a critical point in her life, as with this control over herself she was able to begin her training in controlling the force. The training itself was similar to that of all the other youngling of her class, and a majority of it was in fact done in a classroom setting. She did thrive in this type of training setting, and even began to advance above her classmates.

Despite her seemingly advance state of force control Katagiri was never chosen to be a padawan by any master. This came as a shock not only to her, but also to her fellow classmates, and instructors. In the end it came down to her aggression and pride, she had too much of both to be a Jedi. This of course was incredibly upsetting to the young human, who had grown up with her entire life leading up to becoming a Jedi. Naturally she had a great deal of anger to wards Jedi at this point, to the point of even telling off her instructors.

Not soon after Katagiri had been packed off and sent to the ExplorCorps to assist both the Jedi and the republic on archaeological digs. To Katagiri this was the biggest insult of all, and in the end the straw that broke the Bantha's back. She believed her self to still be worthy of the Jedi, and her talents would have been wasted in such archaeological endeavors.

Her first and last ExlplorCorps mission was to assist in the excavation of a recently discovered temple on Kashyyyk. She spent 2 years here working with republic archaeologists and other Jedi rejects as she called them. It was also here that she learned how to understand Shyriiwook, as well as began exploring the concept of moving un detected. She would have daily exercises that often consisted of spying on, or sneaking up on various members of her team or wookiee residents. While she did have a degree of trouble getting close to the monstrous hairballs, again as she called them, she was able to successfully follow them around with little to no detection.

By the age of 15 she had had more than enough of hairballs and Jedi rejects, and so Katagiri escaped. While the escape was nothing amazing, it was one that she is still to this day incredibly proud of. While a supply freighter had been at the site delivering needed supplies she had managed to sneak her way onto said freighter and stow away in one of the supply rooms. several days later and the ship landed again, this time it landed on the moon of Dxun. It seemed the owner of this supply freighter also traded supplies to the mandalorians. It was here that Katagiri was discovered and forcefully taken as a slave. She received a great deal of abuse in the few hours before she was sold off to the mandalorians for a meager amount of credits. That in itself was why she had been sold for so little, a damaged slave after all was of less value than a properly kept one.

As a slave Katagiri was forced to work hard for her new mandalorian owners, though despite this she still received decent treatment, and remained well fed. A majority of her workload included carrying weapons and ammunition , as well as placing minor explosives. As time grew on Katagiri was taught more about the explosive, and later she would be used to not only place them, but also to prime them for detonation.

As part of the mandalorian belief that everyone who was capable of fighting, should know how, Katagiri was also taught how to operate several versions of blasters, as well as received instruction in close quarter fighting. The mandalorians never learned of her past affiliation with the Jedi, despite being impressed with the natural talent she seemed to show when it came to unarmed and melee weapon fighting. For years this would prove to be an enjoyable life for the human as she was taught continuously, received decent care, and even a degree of respect.While with the mandalorians Katagiri began to develop a tongue for other languages as well. Her clan in particular was made of several different species, and through interactions with the individual members she began to learn and understand many unique languages.

By the age of 19, just over 4 years since she had been sold into slavery to the mandalorians Katagiri was able to earn her freedom, and even a place amongst their ranks. During a routine planned explosion, in order to drive away some of the local wildlife, Katagiri and the mandalorians she was out with were attacked by a pack of Farrel boma beasts. The large predators quickly overwhelmed the small group, and mandalorian, after mandalorian were dragged to their doom. Soon Katagiri and 1 other individual were left, Jekol the current clan leaders first born son. With no other options left Katagiri set off several of the charges scaring off many of the beasts aside from one larger one that had been in waiting.

While Jekol Celebrated the supposed victory over the jungle predators he himself was attacked. The large Boma had waited for the right opportunity, and had managed to pin the mandalorian to the ground. In a flash Katagiri attacked the beast using the first weapon she could find, an oddly long nd pointed stick. While not managing to kill the beast she was able to deter it and force it off and back into the jungle. Perhaps maybe it had figured that eating that last mandalorian was not worth the trouble.

It took nearly 2 days for the pair to return back to the camp, with Jekol wounded and Katagiri having to drag him. But upon returning with the wounded Jekol she was honored, and freed from her bonds of slavery. She was also offered a place among them now as equals, and with nowhere else to go she easily accepted and became a member of their clan. With this new family that she had earned several new methods of training opened up for her. Now as a pose to blasters and vibro blades offered to most slaves, she was given the option to learn a much more advance weapon set type. The spear and Shield.

At first the learning curve required for such a weapon set was steep. But Niki was tenacious and stubborn, and despite many failures never quit. It was also Because of her dedication to learning this weapon set that resulted in her clan presenting her with her own spear, and shield gauntlet when they gave her her mandalorian armor. Katagiri did feel that a change in the armor would be needed, and so with help from the clans armor smith, she set to work on reducing its weight and coverage. Many of her clansmen scoffed at the new and exposing armor that she boasted, but her reasoning was that with a shield she would indeed be able to protect a great deal of herself, so there was no point in weighing herself down.

It was also at this point that she now began work on completing a challenge that until now she believed she had failed at. Since she had not been chosen to be a padawan, Katagiri was determined to build a lightsaber to prove that she was more than capable of being a Jedi, despite what they had decided. Again this was a shining example of her pride, as that was the only reason she desired to build this weapon. As she saw it there was little practical use in such a weapon, but it would remain an everlasting symbol of her abilities. She also started going on missions with her clan at this time as well. Nothing major at first, usually just scouting out new base sites or supply routes in the thick jungle. But later she began seeing off world missions to assist other in combative purposes. Sometimes it would be other mandalorian clans, and other times it would be other groups of people all together who might pay for services.

As the years went on and her experience increased with her skills, Katagiri was assigned an actual position of purpose in her clan. She had been given the job of scout/skirmisher. As it stood at this point in her life she was very skilled at avoiding detection, and sneaking around, this due in part to her time spent on Kashyyyk stalking the wookies. She had also become very skilled in the usage of her spear and shield weapon set, giving her the second position of skirmisher. Overall this combination made her unrivaled when it came to guerrilla warfare, allowing her to stalk her prey, sometimes for days, launch a devastating attack and retreat before anyone could properly retaliate against her.

By the age of 23 Katagiri had her first real breakthrough with her lightsaber construction. It was while she was working on the power cell. Normally something of this nature was not overly difficult, but due to lack of proper supplies and resources she had to make due with what she was able to scrounge from scrapped blasters. Her success came when she managed to fully convert a blaster power cell to a fixated energy source, meaning that instead of the energy rapidly deteriorating and projecting a particle blast, it focused and did not break down. Unfortunately the substandard reused cell quickly overloaded and exploded, causing a large amount of damage to her workspace, as well as presenting a new issue. How she would keep the cell from overloading. After many more failed attempts Katagiri now assumed that she would need to get a proper fixated energy cell that would not breakdown from a merchant, something that would take her a while to save up for.

For years after Katagiri continued to work on her lightsaber making little to no progress and becoming more and more frustrated with each failure. It was hard for her to believe that she was not capable of doing this, that the Jedi had been right to send her away. And to make matters worse her clan had drawn the attentions of a new enemy, Sith soldiers. It now seemed that everywhere they went The sith were either there or en route.

When Katagiri was nearly 28 her clan received an offer from the republic to assist them scouting out Kashyyyk. They had suspected there was a sith settlement on the planets surface, but were unable to be fully accurate. While normally Katagiri would have preferred to avoid both Kashyyyk and the republic, the credits were good, and would be more than enough to cover her remaining expenses when it came to building her lightsaber. So with little hesitation she accepted the job. Upon arriving on the planet Katagiri was greeted by a small republic scouting team and a Jedi. This was almost too much of an insult for the human as this Jedi was nothing more than a reflection of what she wanted to be but had been denied.

Katagiri made little effort to hide her anger to wards the Jedi, which in the end only proved that she was indeed not capable of being one, though she would not see that. On her first trip into the dense woods they were attacked. The sith seemed to come from the very trees themselves, and quickly overwhelmed the republic troops, Katagiri, and the Jedi. Despite her best efforts the Sith were simply too much, for everyone she killed 2 more seemed to take its place and soon she thought they might all not live to see tomorrow. If not for a valiant force wave maneuver by the Jedi they surly would have died. However it would seem they were not out of the woods yet so to speak, as the Jedi had also managed to catch a stray blaster bolt to the back. That force wave would be the last thing he would ever do.

Being a good soldier Katagiri knew there was only one thing to do with a fallen comrade, field strip the corpse. It was here that she gained a lightsaber that the Jedi had used. She found little else besides a pair of thermal detonators. Oddly enough though a support group of republic soldier, drawn by the sounds of blaster fire, arrived a little too late, and came upon a scene of massacre. They also came across the young mandalorian looting the body of a Jedi. Immediately they drew the conclusion that she had managed to kill everyone using some sort of odd grenade, though there was little proof that she had done anything at all.

Without so much as a trial Katagiri was thrown into a republic POW camp on the planets surface. The facility itself was a massive medium security prison that held anywhere between 1 to 10 thousand inmates at any given time. Being that there was little official republic investigations to keep the facility opperated properly, many of the guards were hired spacers, or drifters with no sense of decency. Many of the female inmates received terrible treatment at the hands of the guards, and Katagiri received the same.

During her stay the human endured many beatings, attacks, rapes and other means of terrible treatment. Any attempt to ressist or speak up against what was going on resulted in harsher beatings, and often starvation. Katagiri knew that her escape would be dependant on keeping her energy up, thus she needed to eat, and so with little other choice she took whatever the guards threw at her with little resistance. When it came to the other inmates however Katagiri had no problem fighting them whenever they tried anything. In fact the guards even encouraged the inmates to fight amongst themselves for entertainment.

Her escape from the POW camp was something of a miracle as she was heavily out numbered and out gunned from the start. To aid her however she had managed to construct t a crude spear from a dureasteel rod, and a hand made shiv. She also had the assistance of a few other prisoners as they too were willing to risk their lives for a chance at freedom. On the 89th night of her incarceration several guards converged on Katagiri's cell. They had done this many times since she had arrived, and though they served the republic their intentions were always less than noble. Needless to say Katagiri was not willing to tolerate this any longer. She fought back, and using the various spikes along her body was able to kill, or maim all the guards who had planned to cause her harm.

With her guards disabled she managed to steal the key cards to her ward and unlocked not only the main doors, but the doors to every cell along her way. This would serve her well as she could use the fleeing prisoners not only as a distraction, but also as meat shields should she need to. Once she reached the main yard she found her crudely constructed weapon waiting for her in a drain pipe where she had left it. By this point many of the prisoners had either escaped, or been subdued so there was little cover left. However getting outside was half the battle, all she had to do now was escape into the forests just outside the camps perimeter. She was already familiar with the terrain of Kashyyyk from her time spent here with the ExplorCorps, and so it would be an easy run.

Before she could leave however she would need to pick up her impounded items, this is why she needed the weapon. Sure enough as she had expected the item impound was still guarded, though the numbers were severely limited. Despite this however one rogue blaster shot could alert other guards and foil her escape so she needed to be delicate. Using her slim feminine form she managed to seduce one of the guards, luring him away from his post. Once she had killed him she took his rifle and used it to threated the other guard into submission. This allowed her to collect the lightsaber she had scavenged as well as to collect her existing gear. At this point many of the guards that had previously been rounding up prisoners, were now busy trying to force them all back into their cells as well as get a head count of who all might be dead or missing. That being the case Katagiri managed to simply walk out the front door with little to no trouble.

Finally at the age of 28, after 8 years of work, Katagiri manged to complete her own lightsaber. Its final completed state was comprised not only of parts she had machined herself, but also of parts scavenged from the fallen Jedi's blade. While crude in construction it does serve as an acceptable trophy, proving not only to herself, but to anyone else who might doubt her, that she is and was capable of being a Jedi. With the completion of this weapon, Katagiri was finally able to return to her work with her clansmen, and so she started to run missions again.

During a routine scouting expedition to dantooine, Katagiri's clan was caught up in the sith blockade. Despite their best efforts they were unable to get free of the planet, and were forced to set up a temporary camp on the planets surface. Not long after a sith raiding party descended on the mandalorians, and after nearly 2 hours of constant fighting, Katagiri remained as the sole survivor. She was now in a fit of rage, and vowed to get revenge on the sith for her fallen clansmen. This led to her seeking out the DLA resistance fighters and joining there ranks to fight the sith occupation.

Now Katagiri is stationed on Fondor and has several members of her squad still around. The Omega Protectorate is her new home and where she has chosen to settle in. She would do nearly anything for them even acting as a Chief Minister to improve relations.
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