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Approved Tech Kar'ta'shukur (Heartbreaker)

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Keira Priest

The Iron
  • Intent: A personal weapon for Keira Verd
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Classification: Dagger
  • Size: Average (7 in/17.78 cm)
  • Weight: Average (0.04 lbs/0.02 kg)

  • Above average lightsaber resistance. (Not impossible to cut through, but difficult.)
  • Difficult to shatter.
  • Moderately resistant to plasma-based weaponry.
  • Above average resistance to lightsabers.
  • Difficult to break the blade due to Corellian Bloodsteel.
  • Moderate resistance to plasma-based weaponry.
  • While difficult to cut through with a lightsaber, prolonged strikes will wear down the blade and eventually cleave it apart. Moreover, the length of the blade makes parrying a lightsaber inadvisable.
  • Although it has a resistance to plasma-based weaponry such as blasters, due to the size of the blade any sort of blocking maneuver would be all but impossible to perform.
  • Length of the blade limits its usefulness to close quarters, unless the owner is up to throwing it and risking the loss of their weapon.

The blade was forged by Keira in part with the wedding rings of herself and her former husband after the latter divorced her through a letter. In order to cope with and shape her overwhelming emotion into something more productive and long-lasting. And so the dagger was born, created from heartbreak, hence its name.

Due to the metals its forged from, it has a resistance to lightsabers and other plasma-based weaponry, though it can still be damaged in the long-term by both. However, due to the short length of the blade it would be inadvisable to parry a lightsaber or block a blaster bolt, as that has a high chance of resulting in the injury, or even death, of the user.

Overall, this proves itself a sturdy and reliable weapon that is highly capable of serving its purpose on the battlefield.
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