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Kara Glade

Kara Glade

Character Profile:

NAME: Kara Glade
ALIAS: Madam Blonde
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Jedi
AGE: 28
GENDER: Female




  • Eternal Optimism
    No matter the situation, Kara is always bright and sunny. War just makes her pouty.

[*]Terraformer Style
  • Kara went to school to study Life Science. Coupled with the knowledge of the Force, she has a mighty powerful green thumb. Even on the grandest scale.

[*]Yoga Bliss
  • Kara enjoys a physically active, if very Zen, lifestyle. Her sword forms are more dance than death. But she can be quite the dervish deviant at times.

[*]Digital Temptress
  • Kara spends a lot of time on the Net and has evolved into quite the little hacker. Let's just say, she makes sure to clear her browsing history every time. *wink*

[*]Blissfully Naïve
  • Kara is not familiar with the ways of the world; or it's motives of power and survival. Her personality can often become submissive to especially charismatic people. Especially under stress.

[*]Sweet Talker
  • Kara can be a blabber-mouth even at the best of times. One of these days she's going to need to learn to stop being a Drama-Momma. Gossip is her chocolate.

[*]Baker & Chef
  • Believe it or not, Kara can cook and bake. Though she's no savant. Hard work and effort turned this little hobby into a lifelong challenge. I think it reminders her of her mother.

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Kara Glade was born and raised on Coruscant in very different times. How she came to appear after the Gulag Plague is a mystery itself. But long before then she was a University Student who enjoyed wealth and luxury of every kind. Graduating with a Degree in Life Science and minoring in Xeno-tropics. Her goal became to be a healer on a galactic scale. Taken war-torn planets and terraforming them over many years. Until they were finally useful for colonizing again.

As a young adult she put off her wealthy ways to study with a Jedi Cult for the space of about six years. Applying her powers for good and growing strongly in her connection with the infinite Force. Now she uses that knowledge to become one of the brightest scientists the galaxy has ever seen. Inventing new solutions for the field of Terra-Sciences. Even Zanama Sekot would be impressed. Though, sadly her duties as a Jedi Apprentice often keep her from pursuing a life of corporate success. But her destiny is still alive and well. When one door closes, another is always opening.



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