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Kara Avoyos

Kara Avoyos

Princess of Kirima
NAME: Kara Avoyos
RANK: Knight
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5’11”
WEIGHT: 150 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: Pale


+ Agile - Kara is highly agile and skilled at ‘urban’ exploration or freerunning.
+ Melee - In a fight, Kara prefers to be right in the middle of things. Her speed and agility mean she can land multiple hits to make up for lack of brute strength.
- Ranged - Kara can’t hit the broad side of a star destroyer. She hates blasters, and the most damaged she has ever dealt with one involved breaking the stock of a rifle over a thug’s head.
- Bad Luck - Kara attracts trouble, and things never go smoothly. If there is a group of goons in the area looking to find trouble, they will cross her path. If someone is rushing to her aide, they will take a left when they should have taken a right.

Like You Stole It - a YV-929 armed light freighter.

Kara was the product of a short lived affair between Queen Mileena Alkyone of Kirima and the Count Cavill of Serano. She grew up with all the luxuries one could expect as the princess of a minor planet: private tutors, material goods, and formalized interactions with people below her station. The last one chaffed over the years, and the princess grew to understand that she knew little of what life was like outside of her mother's palace.

At the age of sixteen Kara conspired to change that by seeking a temporary life for herself without the advantages her title brought. The Queen was eventually convinced to allow it, under the condition that her daughter agree to keep her updated on her condition. She knew it would be impossible to pull off on Kirima, so she traveled to the core worlds before signing on with an exploration company under a false identity. It took time to adjust, but thankfully the crew included few human, and they were all used to awkward greenhorns. They taught her how to blend in and defend herself, as well as how to move around rough environments quickly.

Thus far the mix of new locations and dangers has proved to be exciting. One one particular journey, Kara crashed landed on an unknown planet where she found a droid who taught her how to make her viboroblade dance in battle. Although she did enjoy her life, Kara often wondered if there was something bigger out there waiting for her. Her mother was known to be in good health, so the duties of Queen were a far off concern.

A chance encounter with Josiah Denko on Bothawui lead to her recruitment by the Templars, where she began her training with the force. She was present when the CIS took control of Zhar and its moons, and also when they saved citizens of Melida/Daan. She acquired her lightsaber crystal on a training mission with Josiah and two other aspirants. Shortly afterwards she was promoted to the rank of Templar Knight, and after a few years of service she was honored with the title Knight Exemplar.

Some years later, Kara began to fundamentally disagree with the direction the newly renamed Obsidian Knights were headed. She resigned from her position and returned to her homeworld to resume her training as a future queen. This was not the end of her force training. She has continued to seek instruction from whoever will teach her.

Animal Friendship
Force Push
Projectile Guidance
Tutaminis [training]


Solari Crystal

Lightsaber Forms:





Learning how to Dance
Everyone Loves a Party
Well This is Awkward
How Do I Know You Aren't Making Faces at me Under that Thing CIS Dominion
Some Crypts Aren't Meant to be Opened
On the First Day of Christmas the CIS Gave to Me CIS Dominion
Round Two
Shifting Enegy Self-Training
Peace in Our Time
In Search of Booty
Act III: Insurrection Masks of Madness Event
We are all Made of Stars

Veret Jun

In all honesty, you're way nicer then 52 Supergirl @[member="Kara Avoyos"].

Kara Avoyos

Princess of Kirima
Aww thanks. I've only read the first volume of the Supergirl reboot, so I'll take your word for it. Honestly I was a much bigger fan of the new Batgirl comics.