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"Far above, far above.
We don't know where we'll fall.
Far above, far above.
What once was great is rendered small."​

Name: Unknown
Alias: Known only as 'Kaos'
Age: 21
Eyes: Yellow (corrupted with the dark side)
Species: Zabrak/Human hybrid
Height: 1.75 Meters
Weight: 80 Kilograms
Skin: Red
Hair: None
Tattoos: Kaos is covered from head to toe in black tattoos from his time as a Nightbrother
Faction: The Empire
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Force Sensitive: Yes
Strengths & Weaknesses:
+) Agility
Kaos has good agility and is able to use his ability in battle to preform useless (but impressive) flips

-) Bad Education
Kaos received no 'proper' education, yet he was taught enough to know how to read and write

+) Strength
Kaos is very muscular, most of his weight is muscle.

-) Cold
Kaos, like all Sith is cold

-) Heartless
Kaos, like most Sith, is heartless and shows no mercy

-) Mercy less
See "Heatless"
Young Kaos
Kaos was born to Dadlé a female human of the nightsisters and a Zarbrak father who was by tradition mudured after Kaos was born. By birth Kaos was a Nightbrother, a clan of male Zabraks who served as the warriors and slaves of the Nightsisters. By tradition he HD an initiation test of being covered in a "magic" oily substance and covered in head to toe with tattoos very similar to those of the Sith. Wanting at least one of her sons to survive Dalé put Kaos under the care of a Sith.

At first his only job was to clean and preform maintenance on the Smith's droids, which was few. But the Sith one day decided to try and train him, Kaos lived a hard life. Any show of hesitation or a mistake was severely punished, and any hint of mercy rewarded with cruelty. One day, after some agility exercises and a torturous session with a computer console on a number of questions. But Kaos could not be trained completely by the Sith and was sent to the temples of Korriban, where he spent the next years studying the Sith.
None... Yet

Simple Sith Robes

Bounties collected:

Peace is a lie...
A New Shadow Rises
Hell and back again
Crimson Tide


The Croke
Nice character but I just wanted to point out that Kaos would be half Zabrak and half Human due to his heritage.

Besides that he seems rather interesting and I look forward to rping with you.