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Kalaar Rosk

Kalaar Rosk

New Member
NAME: Kaalar Rosk
FACTION: Galactic Republic (sympathizer), Independent
RANK: Smuggler
SPECIES: Shistavanen
AGE: 37[human years]
HEIGHT: 1.6 meters
WEIGHT: 23 kg
EYES: Yellow sclera, black slit pupils
FUR: A lighter shade of brown than most Shistavanen
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
  • As a Shistavanen, Kalaar benefits from enhanced senses, such as hearing, smell, and night vision.
  • Kalaar is direct, almost blunt when he speaks. This could be a weakness.
  • He is skilled with various melee weapons in addition to his blasters.
  • Kalaar can be described as self-absorbed, always pushing greatly-needed help aside. This has almost gotten him killed on many occasions.
  • He tends to jump into a fight(and a lot of other things) headlong, not considering any alternative options.
  • He is direct, almost blunt when he speaks. This could be a strength.
SHIP: The Lucky Shot
[Basic idea of what The Lucky Shot looks like, all credit goes to atomicpaul]


Make: Incom
Model: M-51 Cloudrunner Medium Freighter
  • 4 Tiam & Bak H3 laser cannons
  • Rendili StarDrive VX-472 Sublight Engines
  • Rendili StarDrive Coruscant Special Hyperdrive
The Lucky Shot is an old Incom Freighter, though, like all smuggler ships, is cared for like a son. Kalaar won this ship in a game of sabaac with a few small-time members of the Black Sun. It's painted a dull grey, with bright red accents[much like the patterns on the image]. The interior of the ship is unusually luxurious(with Incom standards, not very much) for such an old ship, containing a lot of polished lacquer wood panels, and a large lounge, with a fully stocked bar. He doesn't use this much.
Kalaar was born on Uvena Prime, like many other Shistavanen, as the runt of his litter(hard to tell). His parents did not like this, and abandoned him the first chance they got on a small asteroid station in the Outer Rim. He grew up on the station, under the radar. Kalaar eventually joined the local crime ring there, a choice that would sculpt his life ahead of him. Kalaar eventually rose through the ranks of the crime ring, becoming rather well known in the sector for being "the kid that could get you ANYTHING." His reputation as a smuggler led the station to be raided by Hutt Cartel mercenaries, who were out to kill the young Shistavanen. He escaped, with the help of his friends(who died fighting). He was put on a passenger ship, and taken out of the sector.

Kalaar arrived on Coruscant's Old Quarter, rebuilding his lost reputation. He lived there for a long time, encountering many shady(even more so than he) characters. One evening, in a cantina, he was offered a job by a local political figure. The job was to smuggle weapons off Ord Mantell, to a Republic outpost, in order to gain their trust. He replied with "I don't have a starship." The man told him that a few Black Sun goons were betting off ships in games of sabaac, gave him a few thousand credits, and got Kalaar on his way. He eventually won an Incom M51 medium freighter, and was smuggling for the Republic.
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Kalaar Rosk

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Alright, I'll get on it. Hard to find canon ship models in Star Wars that aren't either Jedi ships, starfighters, or the Millennium Falcon.